PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

PSI, Paul Scherrer Institute

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Lieu: Villigen
Appartenance : Conseil des EPF / ETH Rat
Génie mécanique25.3 - Scientists have used a particle accelerator to obtain high-speed 3D X-ray visualizations of the flight muscles of flies. The team developed a groundbreaking new CT scanning technique at the PSI's Swiss Light Source to allow them to film inside live flying insects.
Microtechnique 6.3

Data on a hard drive is stored by flipping small magnetic domains. Researchers have now changed the magnetic arrangement in a material much faster than is possible with today's hard drives.

Physique 12.11

Some electrons in a superconducting material behave as if they were in a conventional metal, others as in an unconventional one – depending on the direction of their motion.

Astronomie 8.4

Media Releases Matter and Material - Processes in stars recreated with isotopes from PSI - To understand why chemical elements exist in certain amounts on Earth, processes that take place in exploding stars – supernovae – need to be studied.

Physique 22.12

Superconductivity and magnetic fields are normally seen as rivals – very strong magnetic fields normally destroy the superconducting state.

Physique 8.4

Media Releases Matter and Material - Vorgänge in Sternen mit Isotopen aus dem PSI nachgestellt - Um zu verstehen, warum chemische Elemente auf der Erde in bestimmten Mengen vorkommen, muss man Prozesse untersuchen, die in explodierenden Sternen – Supernovae – stattfinden.

Physique 4.4

Media Releases Energy and Environment - On 4 April 2014 SBB is to launch a new minibar model in its Intercity trains.

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