Will plastics soon be easier to degrade?

Chemistry - Apr 12

A research team has developed a new type of polymer, the main component of plastics, which is more easily degradable than conventional materials. Mechanical treatment such as grinding, combined with the use of an alkaline solution, is all that's needed to facilitate chemical recycling and reduce environmental impact

Health - Apr 11

A new tool for tracing the family trees of cells


Researchers have developed GEMLI, a pioneering tool that could democratize and vastly improve how we study the journey of cells from their embryonic state through to specialized roles in the body, as well as their changes in cancer and other diseases.

Environment - Apr 10

What can cities do to promote acceptance of densification?


Swiss cities are more likely to accept densification when densification projects provide affordable housing and green spaces compared to densification that is implemented through reduced regulations for housing construction. By prioritizing a socio-ecological densification, extensive planning procedures and delays might be minimized.

Life Sciences - Apr 10

The genesis of our cellular skeleton, image by image

Life Sciences

Scientists have reconstructed for the first time a film of the assembly of the human centriole, one of the essential structures that constitute our cells.

Environment - Apr 9

Tiny plastic particles are found everywhere


Microplastic particles can be found in the most remote ocean regions on earth. In Antarctica, pollution levels are even higher than previously assumed. This is one finding of a recent study involving researchers from the University of Basel.

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