Chemistry - Jan 26
Scientists at EPFL have developed a way to maximize hydrogen yields from biowaste, within few milliseconds. The method uses rapid photo-pyrolysis to produce hydrogen gas and solid conductive carbon from banana peels.
Life Sciences - Jan 25
Life Sciences

New research suggests that targeting proteins essential to neurotransmission could be a promising alternative to treat Alzheimer's disease.

Environment - Jan 24

A team of scientists from EPFL and Switzerland's WSL research institute has studied the conversion of savannas into oil palm plantations as a deforestation-free way of growing these plantations. What's more, if improved management practices are adopted at the plantation scale, then the net carbon balance could be enhanced and a great leap could be made towards reducing the environmental impact of palm oil.

Earth Sciences - Jan 25
Earth Sciences

In a large-scale fundraising campaign, popular YouTubers like Mister Beast and Mark Rober are currently trying to rid the oceans of almost 14,000 tonnes of plastic waste. That's about 0.15 per cent of the amount that ends up in the oceans every year. But it's not just our waters that are full of plastic. A new study shows that the spread of nanoplastic through the air is a more widespread problem than previously thought.

Social Sciences - Jan 24
Social Sciences

Chimpanzees don-t automatically know what to do when they come across nuts and stones. Researchers at the University of Zurich have now used field experiments to show that chimpanzees thus do not simply invent nut cracking with tools, but need to learn such complex cultural behaviors from others. Their culture is therefore more similar to human culture than often assumed.

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Research Management - 28.01
Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in 80-100% Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (SNF), Bern
Economics/Business - 27.01
Assistenzprofessor (Tenure Track) für Financial Economics 100% (m/w/d) Universität Liechtenstein
Architecture - 26.01
Professur für Urban Design 80-100% (m/w/d) Universität Liechtenstein
Agronomy/Food Science - 26.01
Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in "Datenmanagement und agenten-basierte Modellierung" Agroscope, 8356 Ettenhausen /TG
Research Management - 26.01
Research Governance Manager (w/m/d) Inselspital, Bern
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Dozent*in Mathematik für Informatik (60-100%) Hochschule Luzern - Informatik, Rotkreuz
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Mitarbeiter*in für Bodenkartierung im Kompetenzzentrum Boden Berner Fachhochschule, Zollikofen
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