Chemistry Jun 19
Sebastian Siol is looking for new materials with unusual properties that were so far not accessible in experiments. To do this, he connects partners who don't really fit together: One partner forces the other into a state that would not be possible without the unlikely pairing.
Environment Jun 19

Palm oil has become part of our daily lives, but a recent study by EPFL and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) serves as a reminder that intensive farming of this crop has a major impact on the environment.

Life Sciences Jun 18
Life Sciences

Oxygen radicals occur as a by-product when living beings burn carbohydrates or fat. They are suspected of accelerating the ageing process in humans and animals, and to be partly responsible for severe illnesses such as Alzheimer's or certain types of cancer.

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    Pedagogy/Education Science - 20.06
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    Pedagogy/Education Science - 20.06
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    Pedagogy/Education Science - 19.06
    Institutsleiter/in Musikpädagogik (50%)
    Pedagogy/Education Science - 19.06
    Vizedirektorin / Vizedirektor Forschung (80-100%)
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