Health - Nov 25
On 25 November 1996, the Center for Proton Therapy at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI treated a cancer patient using the spot-scanning technique for the very first time - a world premiere. This technique developed at PSI scans and irradiates deep-seated tumours with a pencil-thin beam of charged particles, killing cancer cells with extreme precision while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. Meanwhile this technique has become a standard procedure worldwide and since 1996 has been used to treat around 2000 cancer patients at PSI alone - over a third of them children and young people. The fact that the success story started at PSI was more than just a coincidence.
Health - Nov 25

A team of EPFL engineers has discovered a strategy to shape living tissues like dough.

Computer Science - Nov 23
Computer Science

With the help of artificial intelligence and four collaborative robots, researchers at ETH Zurich are designing and fabricating a 22.5-metre-tall green architectural sculpture.

Environment - Nov 24

An article in the scientific journal "Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society" describes for the first time how the European ICOS network ("Integrated Carbon Observation System") helps to better understand the function of carbon sinks and to assess the effects of climate change on them.

Health - Nov 23

Verbal and sexual assaults - nurses are at a high risk of being attacked by patients in inpatient psychiatry shows a study from the University of Basel. Researchers are now calling for new strategies for violence prevention.

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