Improving HIV treatment for children and adolescents - the right way

Health - Jul 18

Globally, around 2.6 million children and adolescents are currently living with HIV, the majority of them in Africa. These young people are much more likely to experience treatment failure than adults. Experts long assumed that testing for viral drug resistance could improve treatment in cases where treatment has failed. However, a research team led by the University of Basel now shows that it is much more important to support the patients in taking their medication regularly.

Environment - Jul 18

Bridging the ’Valley of Death’ in carbon capture


Developed at EPFL, Heriot-Watt University, and ETH Zurich, PrISMa is a new platform that uses advanced simulations and machine learning to streamline carbon capture technologies, by taking into account the perspectives of diverse stakeholders early in the research process.

Health - Jul 17

A hydrogel implant to treat endometriosis


Researchers from ETH Zurich and Empa have developed a hydrogel implant that can help prevent endometriosis, a condition that affects a great many women. This innovation also acts as a contraceptive.

Life Sciences - Jul 17

’Paleolithic’ diets are not without risks

Life Sciences

A study highlights the toxicity risks of high-protein diets, which can lead to severe neurological disorders.

Health - Jul 17

Key Driver for Epithelial Cancer Development Identified


A distinct signaling pathway called TNF - drives the transformation of epithelial cells into aggressive tumor cells. During cancer progression, cells activate their own TNF - program and become invasive. This finding could help to improve early detection and treatment of patients with cancers in skin, esophagus, bladder or colon, as researchers state.

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