An alternative way to manipulate quantum states

Physics - Jun 20

Researchers at ETH Zurich have shown that quantum states of single electron spins can be controlled by currents of electrons whose spins are evenly aligned. In the future, this method could be used in electronic circuit elements.

Health - Jun 20

Antibiotic resistance: concerning situation in sub-Saharan African children


Focusing on enterobacteria, two studies by the University of Geneva and the HUG highlight the alarming situation in this region of the world in terms of antibiotic resistance.

Health - Jun 19

Mapping the biology of spinal cord injury in unprecedented detail

Combining advanced molecular mapping technologies and AI, researchers have published an open-source 'atlas' in Nature, providing a comprehensive understanding of spinal cord injury biology in mice and paving the way for new therapies.

Life Sciences - Jun 19

Interaction with Insects Accelerates Plant Evolution

Life Sciences

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich has discovered that plants benefit from a greater variety of interactions with pollinators and herbivores. Plants that are pollinated by insects and have to defend themselves against herbivores have evolved to be better adapted to different types of soil.

Life Sciences - Jun 19

Building a blueprint of metabolic health - from mouse to human

Life Sciences

In a new study, scientists have uncovered the complex genetic and environmental interactions influencing metabolic health and have validated their findings in actual human data.

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