Advancements in Urban Sustainability Management - Meaning, Measuring, Monitoring & Mobilization (2022)

OrtGenf, Lake Geneva region, Schweiz

This training is organised around three themes: "Meaning", "Measuring and monitoring", and "Mobilization". These themes are connected to mirror an approach to a process design that accordingly focuses on the development of:

and amobilisation of resources to ensure successful implementation of the process, including development of Public-Private Partnerships and communication with local communities

Sustainable urban development after COVID-19 requires reinforcing the focus on the resilience of communities, cities and regions, deploying evidence-based approaches to planning for development, and ensuring the active participation of local and regional governments, businesses, and civil society in development processes.
Over the last five years a range of innovative approaches, tools, methodologies and standards for urban sustainability management have been developed. Deployed across various sectors: urban planning, transport and mobility, energy, water, buildings, education and healthcare, they can contribute to making cities and communities resilient and prosperous
Experts from Geneva are uniquely positioned to respond to the demand for urban sustainability innovation. Within the "Geneva Model", they work at the interface between global policies and standards; and knowledge production and dissemination, to develop the portfolio of innovative, tried and tested, practical solutions for measuring and monitoring urban SDGs; urban data production and management; citizen engagement; and public/private partnership building, endorsed by an international community.
The 3-day Short Course in Advancements in Urban Sustainability Management is oriented at professionals working on urban development, especially public administrators and business leaders, who aspire to gain practical knowledge and skills in urban sustainability management.

Dr Alexandre Hedjazi is the director of Global Environment Policy Program and Deputy Director of International Affairs at the University of Geneva. Dr. Hedjazi  is the current co-chair of CASPISNET, a scientific network with a focus on the Caspian Sea, consultant for UNECE and WHO on topics of urban sustainability; Board member of WeGO Smart City. His current research is on the interface between the built and natural environment and urban sustainability transitions.

Dr Agata Krause, an urban planner and expert in measuring and monitoring urban sustainability, based in Geneva; a former scholar, tutor, an adviser to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the local and national governments in Norway, Europe and Asia, currently the Head of the 2030 Agenda and International Relations in the Centre for Sustainable Development in Trondheim Kommune, Norway.

Dr Matteo Tarantino is scholar working at the University of Geneva and at the Catholic University of Milan. He is an expert in sustainability communication and urban data management; consultant for UN-ECE, Un-HABITAT, WHO on topics of urban sustainability; member of WeGO Smart City Champions Board; co-founder of the ECREA section ’Media, Cities and Space’; UrbanTech Ambassador for Federated Innovation at MIND Milan.

Dr Sherif Kinawy is an urban infrastructure expert with a focus on community engagement and sustainability in infrastructure projects; founding board member of the Ontario Chapter of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2); member of the Committee on Public Involvement, U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB); Advisory Board to the Turkstra Chair of Urban Engineering, University of Waterloo. His previous experiences include work with over 70 municipalities globally on community development, asset management, and collaboration with the private and public sectors to drive innovation through clean-tech and infrastructure technologies.

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