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University of Geneva Genf
Professionnel-le souhaitant devenir expert-e et leader en santé publique pour leur permettre d'acquérir des compétences en épidémiologie, sciences sociales et économiques, politique et gestion, communication, droit, éthique, santé internationale, etc. Technologies de l’information et transformations du travail: quels enjeux pour ...
Bildung - Wirtschaft/Betriebswissenschaft MAS
University of Geneva Genf
This MAS provides a complete and comprehensive presentation of all issues related to the installation and deployment of Internet of Things solutions, covering all the domains from high level strategy, legislation and regulatory, to practical experimentation and hands-on laboratories. Chief technology officer, member of direction or manager in ...
Gesundheit - Innovation MAS
University of Geneva Genf
Dental technologies are going digital. Are you? New technologies are changing the way we’re living our daily life. From smartphones to self-driving cars, the digital revolution has tremendous impacts on how we’re interacting, on our mobility and how we travel, etc. The healthcare field is particularly being reshaped by the introduction ...
Gesundheit - Pharmakologie MAS
University of Geneva Genf
This MAS is aimed at professionals from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology sector, and international organisations who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of drugs and medical devices research and development. CHF 15’500.- for the Master 1-day-module: CHF 1’000.- 2-day-module: CHF 1’400.- 3-day-module: ...
Chemie - Pharmakologie MAS
University of Geneva Dr Marc Fathi and Dr Jean Terrier Genf
Registration to individual modules You can register to individual modules up to one month before the start of the lessons. Check the dates in the timetable (link in pink) and contact us if you have any questions. CHF 11’000.- for the programme CHF 1’100.- for those attending the practical part of Module 4 Special fee for ...