USI enters into an agreement with Elsevier for open access scientific publications

The Lugano campus library

The Lugano campus library

After lengthy negotiations conducted by swissuniversities, an agreement was reached with the publisher Elsevier to allow researchers at Swiss universities to publish free Open Access (OA) articles in the world’s leading medical and scientific journals. This agreement, which covers also the University libraries of USI, applies to all Elsevier journals, including Gold OA, but excluding The Cell Press, The Lancet e several society journals.

"Negotiations with major publishers are one of the key aspects of the Swiss National Strategy on Open Access, according to which, by 2024, all publicly funded Swiss research results must be freely accessible and free of charge", says Davide Dosi , director of the USI Libraries. This objective can also be achieved through agreements that guarantee sustainable access and publication costs: the agreement with Elsevier will enable Swiss universities to contain cost increases while at the same time ensuring greater international visibility for their researchers".

USI researchers can now publish Open Access (OA) articles for free in journals published by Elsevier, on condition that they are the corresponding author and employed by USI at the moment of publication. The email address of USI or of an associated institute shall be used during the article submission process. Here is the complete list of periodicals in which you can publish in OA.

This is the second "read & publish" agreement available to USI, after the one reached with the publisher Karger. The agreement combines complete access to all Elsevier journals with the opportunity to publish in OA for free, minimizing cost increases, and representing an important progress for the Swiss national strategy on OA

USI, in addition to negotiating agreements with individual publishers, funds the publication of Gold OA articles ö in high-level peer-reviewed Open Access journals, if they are not already funded in the context of an SNF project.

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