Music and design in harmony

Irma Radoncic and Stefan Liniger are developing resource-friendly fabrication methods, which the two architects aim to employ in the creation of better and better concert spaces.

The construction industry is responsible for almost 40 percent of global CO2 emissions. In their desire to mitigate this impact, architects Irma Radoni and Stefan Liniger - both graduates of ETH - have set up ZATO, a design studio that investigates innovative architectural concepts. Projects include the development of new fabrication methods designed to explore radical ideas of space while conserving resources.

Alongside architecture, another one of their shared passions is music. Their initial project, which they created and ran at ETH Zurich, led to the development of a new process for fabricating double-curved concrete shells. These are used to clad the internal walls of a classroom and thereby convert it into a space for classical chamber music. At the ETH Student Project House, Irma and Stefan had the opportunity to explore their ideas and gather valuable experience. Driven by a boundless curiosity, the two are now setting their sights on creating better and better concert spaces.