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Affiliation: Federal Department of Home Affairs
Health - Jun 24
In order to be able to respond rapidly to a renewed increase in the number of cases, testing should be conducted as widely as is possible and appropriate. As of 25 June, the federal government will therefore be assuming the cost of all coronavirus tests.
Health - Jun 19

As of Monday, 22 June, the measures put in place to tackle the coronavirus will for the most part be lifted. Only the ban on large-scale events will remain in place until the end of August. This follows the decisions taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 19 June in view of the continuing low level of new cases.

Health - May 20

Religious services can take place again as of the 28th May 2020. In order to achieve this, the various faith communities must develop protection concepts. This decision was taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 20th May 2020.

Health - Apr 30

The Federal Office of Public Health is adapting its public awareness campaign to protect against the new coronavirus and is switching the base colour to pink. While various activities are now permitted with the first phase of measures to protect the public being eased, the same rules still apply: Keep your distance, wash your hands thoroughly, and sneeze into the crook of your arm.

Health - Apr 22

Over the next few weeks, the Federal Council will gradually relax the measures to protect against the new coronavirus. There is no general obligation to wear a mask. Keeping a safe distance and washing hands remain the most effective protective measures.

Health - May 27

From 6 June, the measures put in place to fight the new coro rus will be extensively eased. That is the decision taken by the Federal Council at its meeting on 27 May in view of the positive developments in the epidemiological situation.

Health - May 18

This year's World Health Assembly is taking place under special circumstances; due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is a virtual event with a reduced agenda. President Simonetta Sommaruga represented Switzerland at the World Health Organization conference on Monday, 18 May. Ms Sommaruga commended the work of the Geneva-based organisation and gave an assurance of Switzerland's support.

Health - Apr 29

At its meeting on 29 April, the Federal Council decided to further ease the measures introduced to protect the population against the coronavirus. From Monday, 11 May, shops, restaurants markets, museums and libraries will be allowed to reopen, classes can be held again in primary and lower secondary schools, and sports training sessions will be allowed.

Health - Apr 19

On Sunday, 19 April, Switzerland took part in a meeting of G20 health ministers. Discussions focused on the COVID-19 pandemic and addressed in particular the importance of international cooperation and the major role played by the World Health Organization.

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