Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

Federal Office of Public Health FOPH

Federal Office of Public Health FOPH  
Affiliation: Federal Department of Home Affairs
Pharmacology - Mar 14
From 14 to 15 March 2018, Switzerland took part in the ministerial segment of the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna. Switzerland is a member of the Commission during the 2018-21 period.
Pharmacology - Nov 9, 2018

Bern, 09.11.2018 - Maintaining the effectiveness of antibiotics for humans and animals, and combating resistance - these are the two main objectives of the national Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR) which is being implemented by the federal authorities in partnership with physicians, pharmacists, veterinarians and farmers.

Health - Apr 17

Les Mercredis du vélo reviennent cette année afin d'encourager la population à faire davantage d'activité physique avec leur deux-roues.

Pharmacology - Apr 10

De nouvelles règles en matière d'intégrité et de transparence seront appliquées dès 2020 dans le domaine des produits thérapeutiques. Le Conseil fédéral a adopté lors de sa séance du 10 avril 2019 de nouvelles dispositions concernant la Loi sur les produits thérapeutiques (LPTh).

Health - Oct 18, 2018

Bern, 18.10.2018 - Prevention and early detection are central to effective control of communicable diseases and their vectors, such as mosquitoes. To strengthen cooperation between public health, animal health, agriculture and the environment, Switzerland has created the One Health interdisciplinary platform.

Health - Apr 17

Auch dieses Jahr soll der Velo-Mittwoch die Bevölkerung dazu anregen, sich vermehrt mit dem Fahrrad zu bewegen.

Health - Apr 10

Im Heilmittelbereich gelten ab 2020 neue Regeln für die Integrität und Transparenz. Der Bundesrat hat an seiner Sitzung vom 10. April 2019 neue Bestimmungen zum Heilmittelgesetz (HMG) verabschiedet.

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