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Location: Geneva

Genetics - Frontiers in Genetics

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), Genetics - Frontiers in Genetics, Genes, Chromosomes and Development- studies the function and regulation of certain genes during their development, as well as their role in maintaining health or favouring the emergence of pathologies. The NCCR Genetics promotes exchanges between the different research groups, most of them in the Lake Geneva Region, investigating gene expression, chromosome structure and organism development. This collaboration has led to the creation of five biotechnological platforms. This shared infrastructure gives the scientific community and private sector access to the latest analytical technology and unique genetic molecular tools. An interfaculty institute in -Genetics/Genomics- is planned at the University of Geneva. The NCCR Genetics postgraduate programme attracts talented individuals from all over the world.

Home institution: Université de Genève

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