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Location: Basel
Petersplatz 1, 4051 Basel

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The University of Basel is a university which performs excellently in research and teaching. Founded in 1460, Switzerland’s oldest university has over 550 years of successful history.

As a university offering a wide range of quality education, it attracts students from Switzerland and all around the world and offers them excellent study conditions at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Today, the University of Basel counts around 13,000 students coming from over one hundred nations.


Health - Mar 3
An international research group led by the University of Basel has developed a promising strategy for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Using two different viruses as vehicles, they administered specific tumor components in experiments on mice with cancer in order to stimulate their immune system to attack the tumor. The approach is now being tested in clinical studies.
Physics - Feb 22

Physicists from Switzerland, Germany and Ukraine have proposed an innovative new data storage medium. The technique is based on specific properties of antiferromagnetic materials that had previously resisted experimental examination.

Physics - Feb 15

For the first time, physicists from the University of Basel have produced a graphene compound consisting of carbon atoms and a small number of nitrogen atoms in a regular grid of hexagons and triangles. This honeycomb-structured -kagome lattice- behaves as a semiconductor and may also have unusual electrical properties. In the future, it could potentially be used in electronic sensors or quantum computers.

Life Sciences - Feb 11
Life Sciences

Large parts of the human genome do not contain protein-coding genes. Now, however, a research team with participation from the University of Basel has discovered the cause of a severe hereditary defect in such a "gene desert". The study in the scientific journal Nature shows that a single genetic change in the "junk DNA" long thought to be useless can have serious consequences.

Economics - Feb 4

Money laundering, failed speculation and sexism: financial industry scandals keep causing uproar. Gender studies scholar Anika Thym is investigating how men in the finance sector experience this world and what we can learn from their self-reflection.

Computer Science - Feb 22
Computer Science

The Center for Data Analytics at the University of Basel helps researchers make the most of their data using cutting-edge techniques such as deep learning. The director of the newly founded center, Professor Ivan Dokmanic, explains what his team wants to achieve.

Life Sciences - Feb 15
Life Sciences

Coffee, cola or an energy drink: caffeine is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive substance. Researchers from the University of Basel have now shown in a study that regular caffeine intake can change the gray matter of the brain. However, the effect appears to be temporary.

Computer Science - Feb 10
Computer Science

Researchers from the University of Basel have developed a virtual reality app for smartphones to reduce fear of heights. Now, they have conducted a clinical trial to study its efficacy. Trial participants who spent a total of four hours training with the app at home showed an improvement in their ability to handle real height situations.

Physics - Jan 28

Researchers at the University of Basel and Ruhr University Bochum have developed a source of single photons that can produce billions of these quantum particles per second. With its record-breaking efficiency, the photon source represents a new and powerful building-block for quantum technologies.

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