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Women are disadvantaged in the Swiss healthcare system

Health - May 15

A research report by the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (IZFG) at the University of Bern reveals unequal treatment of women and men in healthcare in Switzerland. The report was compiled as a scientific basis for the Federal Council's report published today in response to a postulate. This calls for better consideration to be given to the specific characteristics of women in the healthcare sector.

Hints of a possible atmosphere around a rocky exoplanet

Astronomy & Space

Researchers using NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope may have detected an atmosphere surrounding 55 Cancri e, a rocky exoplanet 41 light-years from Earth.

Life Sciences - Apr 26

Curiosity promotes biodiversity

Life Sciences

Cichlid fishes exhibit differing degrees of curiosity. The cause for this lies in their genes, as reported by researchers from the Universities of Bern and Basel in the journal Science. This trait influences the cichlids' ability to adapt to new habitats.

How Pluto got its heart

Astronomy & Space

The mystery of how Pluto got a giant heart-shaped feature on its surface has finally been solved by an international team of astrophysicists led by the University of Bern. The team is the first to successfully reproduce the unusual shape with numerical simulations, attributing it to a giant and slow oblique-angle impact.

Health - Mar 19

Fighting heart attack down to the smallest vessels


Researchers in Bern have co-developed and tested a new method to combat the blockage of tiny coronary arteries after a heart attack. The new approach, born from a cooperation of engineers, clinicians, and industry, offers a treatment option to prevent the death of heart tissue after a heart attack, responsible for poor long-term patient health.

Campus - May 2

University of Bern posts a deficit of CHF 34.1 million


The University of Bern was able to evolve in a positive direction last year in an increasingly difficult environment and once again proved itself to be an outstanding education and research institution. The increasing deterioration of the financial conditions gave reason for concern, as shown by the 2023 Annual Report.

Climate change in the early Middle Ages triggered by volcanic eruptions in Iceland

Earth Sciences

Icebergs on the Bosporus and a frozen Black Sea: an international study by the University of Bern with the participation of the Austrian Academy of Sciences shows how volcanic eruptions on Iceland influenced the European climate in the early Middle Ages and led to severe winter cooling anomalies.

Health - Apr 10

New Endowed Professorship for Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation

Thanks to the support of the Stiftung für medizinische Weiterbehandlung, Rehabilitation und Prävention BRH (Foundation for Further Medical Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention BRH), the University of Bern is now able to set up an endowed Professorship for Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation together with the Insel Gruppe. The latter is endowed with CHF 7.75 million and, along with its remit in teaching and research, is intended to promote innovation.

Life Sciences - Mar 11

Our deep sleep reveals how cooperative we are

Life Sciences

Each person has their own sleep profile, which can be identified by the electrical brain activity during sleep. Now, researchers from the University of Bern show that brain waves during periods of deep sleep in a specific area of the brain can be used to determine how cooperative and prosocial a person is in their everyday life.

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