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Astronomy / Space Science

Following the success of the Bern solar wind sail on the Apollo Moon missions of the U.S. space agency NASA in the 1960s, the Physics Institute at the University of Bern is to return to the Moon as early as 2027 with the LIMS mass spectrometer as part of the NASA Commercial Lunar Payoad

Environment - Nov 8

Unlike their relatives, individuals of the poison frog Allobates femoralis are not poisonous but are captivating due to their different behavioral profiles: They successfully reproduce with different strategies depending on whether they are bold, aggressive or explorative. In addition, certain character traits are already present in this species at the tadpole stage. This is shown in two recently published studies by the University of Bern.

Environment - Oct 31

Indian author Amitav Ghosh's bestsellers open up a new view of the world by linking colonial history(s) with current issues of migration, global inequality and the worldwide climate crisis. The Institute for Social Anthropology invites the award-winning intellectual to this year's "Anthropology Talks" in Bern. In a public reading at the Stadttheater Bern, Ghosh will enter into conversation with research, culture and civil society.

Pharmacology - Oct 24

Treatment of the chronic inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis often produces unsatisfactory results. Researchers at the University of Bern have now developed a lipid gel that is administered directly to the inflamed part of the intestine, where it remains and releases its active substance evenly. This could result in a new, targeted therapy approach with fewer side effects.

Environment - Oct 13

To assess biodiversity goals, reports are typically based on entire countries. Researchers from the Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment at the University of Bern and the University of Lausanne challenge this country-level analysis regarding conservation efforts for mountain biodiversity. They emphasize that significant sub-national differences are being overlooked and highlight the need for cross-country conservation initiatives.

Health - Nov 6

The canton of Bern wants to establish itself as a leading international medical location by 2030. To achieve this, the Insel Group, the University of Bern, and the technology innovation center, CSEM, will combine their exceptional medical expertise and work together on research and development projects. Their goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of local industrial businesses and start-ups.

Chemistry - Oct 26

An international group of researchers with participation from the University of Bern is using new concepts to search for efficient and durable electrocatalysts for the energy transition. They are being funded by the European Research Council (ERC) with 10 million euros.

Campus - Oct 17

To ensure the quality of teaching, research, and service and to restore the credibility of ISNO, the University of Bern has taken various measures. The lecturer who published the unacceptable X-postings will be terminated without notice. In addition, an administrative investigation of the entire institute has been initiated. During this investigation, the Institute Co-Director Serena Tolino will be relieved of her duties.

Environment - Oct 4

In just 16,000 years, more than cichlid 500 species, distributed throughout the entire food web, have evolved in Lake Victoria. This explosion of biodiversity was made possible by repeated cycles of fusion and diversification in evolutionary lineages, as researchers from Eawag and the University of Bern have described in the "Science" and "Nature" journals. The results underscore that it is not just species that need protection, but entire "species swarms".

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