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Neutrino interaction rates measured at unprecedented energies

Physics - Jul 16

A team including researchers from the Laboratory for High Energy Physics at the University of Bern has successfully measured the interaction rates of neutrinos at unprecedented energies using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. A better understanding of these elusive elementary particles can help answer the question of why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe.

Life Sciences - Jul 11

Even fish society shows social control and nepotism

Life Sciences

Cichlids living in groups tend to turn a blind eye to their relatives shirking their duty to help as desired in various tasks in the group, such as caring for the brood.

Psychology - Jun 14

Strengthening diversity in working life: G-VERSITY presents its results

Gender equality and valuing diversity in the workplace are the key to a just future for our societies: This is the main message of G-VERSITY, a four-year European research project led by the University of Bern. The network presented solutions to achieve this objective at its final conference.

First detection of frost on the Solar System’s tallest volcanoes on Mars

Astronomy & Space

For the first time, water frost has been detected on the colossal volcanoes on Mars, which are the largest mountains in the Solar System.

Health - May 29

Leading sleep research continues


A large-scale interdisciplinary research project on sleep at the University of Bern came to an end this year. The findings of this project will benefit the population through various programs and will be pursued further thanks to numerous grants.

Health - Jun 26

New findings on skin disinfection before operations


Surgery carries the risk of infection at the surgical site. Proper skin disinfection before the incision minimizes this risk.

How Islamist Extremists Forge Relationships with Accomplices

The study by a researcher from the University of Bern provides extraordinary insights into the networks of Islamist accomplices in the USA. These are characterized by common socio-cultural features, geographical proximity and ideological affiliation. In particular, the results could well contribute to the fight against terror networks at a local level.

High-performance spectrograph for giant telescope

Astronomy & Space

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has started the design and construction of the ArmazoNes high Dispersion Echelle Spectrograph (ANDES) with

Cosmic rays illuminate the past

History & Archeology

Researchers at the University of Bern have for the first time been able to pin down a prehistoric settlement of early farmers in northern Greece dating back more than 7,000 years to the year.

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