University of Fribourg

University of Fribourg

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Location: Fribourg - North Romandie
Miséricorde, Avenue de l’Europe 20, 1700 Fribourg

Affiliation: swissuniversities

Université de Fribourg - Universität Freiburg


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Linguistics/Literature - 22.11
PhD Position University of Fribourg
Linguistics/Literature - 21.11
Post-doc position University of Fribourg
Linguistics/Literature - 16.11
Collaborateur-trice scientifique University of Fribourg
Linguistics/Literature - 14.11
PhD Candidate in drug development for thoracic malignancies University of Fribourg
Pedagogy - 14.11
Post-doctoral senior expert in data analysis University of Fribourg
Linguistics/Literature - 03.11
Collaborateur-trice scientifique - Juriste University of Fribourg
Linguistics/Literature - 03.11
Assistant-e diplômé-e University of Fribourg


Life Sciences - Oct 12
Life Sciences

A research group from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, China and the USA has made a discovery that could form the basis of a new generation of visual prostheses. They have demonstrated that small mammals, known as tupaias, are able to 'see' even when their retina is not stimulated. To achieve this, the neurons in these animals were activated by light pulses, generating visual perceptions in their brains

Health - Sep 13

A recent study sheds light on why a proven treatment for lung cancer sometimes fails to work after a certain period of time. These new insights into changes in the immune system could make it possible to treat more patients with existing, highly effective drug therapies

Paleontology - Aug 10

According to Cope's rule, today's animal species are on average larger than older species of the same genus. A large-scale study led by a researcher at the University of Fribourg has just demonstrated that this is not the case in turtles

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