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Location: Neuchâtel - North Romandie
Avenue du Premier-Mars 26, 2000 Neuchâtel

Affiliation: swissuniversities
Physics - Jun 27
Coordinated by the CSEM, the large European quantum project macQsimal, included in the FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies initiative, is nearing its end and reveals very promising results. In particular, the commercialization of new miniature atomic clocks.
Physics - Jun 16

The Time-Frequency Laboratory (LTF) of the University of Neuchâtel has just achieved a new performance in the field of ultrafast lasers. The device transforms an infrared laser into a stroboscope, each pulse lasting only 27 femtoseconds (fs), i.e. 27 billionths of a microsecond, but with a power comparable to that of a nuclear power plant! This feat is at the heart of a doctoral thesis that has just been defended at the UniNE.

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