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Linguistics/Literature - 08.07
Doktorand*in germanistische Sprachwissenschaft University of Zurich
Economics - 18.06
Research Assistant (PhD Candidate) - student University of Zurich
Chemistry - 11.06
Open PhD position in computational chemistry - position University of Zurich
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Novel Blood Test Helps Improve Cancer Treatments

Health - Jul 1

Oncologists use biopsy and imaging techniques to diagnose and monitor tumor diseases and assess treatment success.

Economics - Jul 2

Crucial Gaps in Climate Risk Assessment Methods

Researchers from the Universities of Zurich, Vienna and Utrecht have uncovered significant flaws in current climate risk assessment techniques that could lead to a severe underestimation of climate-related financial losses for businesses and investors.

Innovation - Jun 21

UZH to Create Chair of Allergology and Asthma in Davos


The Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) in Davos is to be significantly strengthened with the creation of a Chair of Allergology and Asthma. An agreement on this was announced on 21 June 2024 by representatives of the Graubünden government and the UZH. This step is a clear commitment to bolstering allergy research and the SIAF in the Grisons.

Gender Equality Linked to Men Eating More Meat

In wealthier countries with greater gender equality, men are more likely to eat meat more frequently than women, a new study reveals. The research team, led by the University of Zurich, examined the meat consumption patterns of more than 20,000 people from 23 countries. The findings could inform strategies for promoting plant-based and cultured meat as viable alternatives to traditional meat consumption.

Interventions against Misinformation also Increase Skepticism toward Reliable Sources

Efforts to tackle false information through fact-checking or media literacy initiatives increases the public's skepticism toward "fake news". However, they also breed distrust in genuine, fact-based news sources, a UZH-led study using online survey experiments in the US, Poland and Hong Kong shows.

Health - Jun 27

The Mechanism Behind Melanoma Resistance to Treatment

In many cases of malignant melanoma, the effect of targeted treatment is lost over time. A research team from UZH and USZ has now discovered that a factor secreted by tumor cells is responsible for the resistance. These findings could pave the way for more effective therapies.

Life Sciences - Jun 19

Interaction with Insects Accelerates Plant Evolution

Life Sciences

A team of researchers at the University of Zurich has discovered that plants benefit from a greater variety of interactions with pollinators and herbivores. Plants that are pollinated by insects and have to defend themselves against herbivores have evolved to be better adapted to different types of soil.

Life Sciences - Jun 12

Human Brains Can Tell Deepfake Voices from Real Ones

Life Sciences

Do our brains process natural voices and deepfake voices differently? Research conducted at the University of Zurich indicates that this is the case. In a new study, researchers have identified two brain regions that respond differently to natural and deepfake voices.

Mathematics - Jun 10

Peers Crucial in Shaping Boys’ Confidence in Math Skills

Boys are good at math, girls not so much? A study from the University of Zurich has analyzed the social mechanisms that contribute to the gender gap in math confidence. While peer comparisons seem to play a crucial role for boys, girls' subjective evaluations are more likely to be based on objective performance.

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