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You have already an academic degree or you are working since many years? You want to learn new qualifications in a particular discipline or in your domain of activities. You will find in the continuing education portal offers on academic level organised by universities and universities of applied sciences.

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Health - Pharmacology CAS
University of Geneva Geneva
CAS in Medicines and Medical Devices in Emergency and Disaster This CAS provides an interprofessional training in emergency and disaster pharmacy. In health crisis context, including humanitarian and daily emergencies in (pre-)hospital settings, the role of drugs and medical devices is obvious in treating victims and guaranteeing the survival ...
Life Sciences - Health CAS
University of Geneva Geneva
Unique in Switzerland, this CAS allows participants to acquire the necessary expertise in flow cytometry to use this technique in all diagnostic applications in haematology, immunology and oncology, as well as for research purposes in cellular biology, pharmacology, and microbiology. Enable participants to develop experimental and diagnostic ...
University of Geneva Geneva
A unique training course in Switzerland which allows the development of scientific knowledge in underwater and hyperbaric medicine in interaction with emergency medicine and occupational medicine, and which opens the field to research. The Hyperbaric Operator module is open to anyone, whereas the CAS Care and Operational Managment in Hyperbaric ...
University of Geneva Geneva
Seize Quality Management issues and transformations head-on The pharmaceutical industry must seize Quality Management issues and transformations head-on. But well-trained professionals are missing. To overcome this gap, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Geneva, in close collaboration with the Swiss Society of Industrial ...
Politics - Administration CAS
University of Geneva Geneva
In 2020, and for the ninth year in a row, the Global Risk Report of the World Economic Forum ranked water-related crises among the top five most impactful risks. Policy-makers need innovative skills to address the unprecedented challenges in water governance. To obtain the certificate (CAS), participants need to complete (1) the MOOC in Water ...