Environment - Mar 1

Glacier-fed streams are undergoing a process of profound change, according to scientists in a paper appearing in Nature Geoscience. This conclusion is based on the expeditions to the world's major mountain ranges by members of the Vanishing Glaciers project.

Materials Science

Researchers have recovered the precious metal from electronic waste. Their highly sustainable new method is based on a protein fibril sponge, which the scientists derive from whey, a food industry byproduct.

Life Sciences - Feb 29
Life Sciences

Scientists at EPFL uncover the mechanism by which cells mark the protein cGAS for degradation, which is critical in preventing the immune system from mistakenly attacking the body's own tissues.

Physics - Feb 29

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and the ANAXAM technology transfer center have used neutron and synchrotron imaging to determine the conditions under which pre-filled syringes become blocked.

Astronomy & Space

It might be that what set prebiotic chemistry in motion and kept it going in the early days of the Earth was dust from outer space accumulating in holes melted into ice sheets. Researchers at ETH Zurich and the University of Cambridge have used a computer model to test this scenario.

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Health - 29.02
Chargé-e-s de cours HES «Pôle obstétrique» HES-SO Genève, HEdS – site Champel
Life Sciences - 26.02
Research Technician (80-100%) CK-CARE AG, Davos Wolfgang
Research Management - 22.02
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Social Sciences - 22.02
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PhD-Kandidat Blockchain im Energiebereich 70% Hochschule Luzern - Informatik, Rotkreuz
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