Environment - Feb 24
Terrestrial ecosystems help mitigate climate change by absorbing large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. A new study now confirms that changing climate conditions could reduce this effect because in warmer and wetter areas, carbon stored in the soil is released back into the atmosphere more quickly.
Health - Feb 24

Scientists led by EPFL have developed a breakthrough in vivo model for invasive lobular carcinoma, a serious yet understudied type of breast cancer. The work will open up previously inaccessible study of the tumor's biology and help discover new therapies.

Computer Science - Feb 23
Computer Science

A digital twin of our planet is to simulate the Earth system in future. It is intended to support policy-makers in taking appropriate measures to better prepare for extreme events. A new strategy paper by European scientists and ETH Zurich computer scientists shows how this can be achieved.

Pharmacology - Feb 23

Drug-checking services with substance analyses help reduce the risks associated with drug use. A study commissioned by the FOPH shows that this service helps protect users from overdoses and adverse reactions to adulterants. The study also underlines the potential of drug checking for identifying vulnerable individuals at an early stage and for monitoring the drug market.

Physics - Feb 22

By using 3D aerosol jet-printing to put perovskites on graphene, scientists at EPFL have made X-ray detectors with record sensitivity that can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost and health hazard of medical imaging devices.

Selected Job Offers
Computer Science - 24.02
Projektkoordinator/in Smart Region Zentralschweiz - Smart Region Lab (40%) Hochschule Luzern, Zug-Rotkreuz
Laboratory - 23.02
Laboratory Assistant (60-100%) leadXpro AG, Villigen
Psychology - 23.02
Dozent/in Wirtschaftspsychologie mit Schwerpunkt Konsumentenpsychologie Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft
Computer Science - 20.02
Research Associate Quantum Cryptography & IT security (50-100%) Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
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