Environment - Apr 16
Scientists have found that streams and rivers - or "running waters" - emit on average four times more CO2 at night than during the day. That matters because most estimates of global CO2 emissions are made using measurements taken during the day, thereby introducing a potential bias into the calculation of the global carbon cycle.
Environment - Apr 16

Snow cover in the Alps has been melting almost three days earlier per decade since the 1960s. This trend is temperature-related and cannot be compensated by heavier snowfall.

Life Sciences - Apr 15
Life Sciences

Most antibiotics need to penetrate their target bacteria. But Darobactin, a newly discovered compound, is much too large to do so.

Physics - Apr 16

Water can freeze from liquid to solid ice or boil into a gas. In the kitchen these "phase transitions" aren't smooth, but their discontinuous nature is smoothed out at high pressure. An international team of physicists led by EPFL has now discovered the same behavior in certain quantum magnets, which may have consequences for the technology of qubits.

Computer Science - Apr 15

Researchers have shed new light on one of the earliest color photography techniques, G. Lippmann's Nobel Prize-winning multispectral imaging method. It is often said that before air travel our skies were bluer yet how, in the 21 st century, could we ever know what light and colors were like one hundred years ago?

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