Environment - Oct 15
Ocean warming caused by anthropogenic greenhouse-gas emissions will prompt many species of marine plankton to seek out new habitats, in some cases as a matter of sur-vival. researchers expect many organisms to head to the poles and form new communities - with unforeseeable consequences for marine food webs.
Environment - Oct 15

To measure an ecosystem's beauty and the well-being it produces for people can help inform public environmental policy. Scientists at EPFL and Wageningen University in the Netherlands have developed a novel modeling approach for ecosystem assessments based on deep learning and millions of Flickr photos.

Environment - Oct 14

Sustainable agriculture will not be achieved by one universal solution. A meta-analysis by the University of Basel shows that the current focus on no-till farming does not achieve the desired results. A sustainable system of agriculture must be designed for local needs and in dialog with local farmers.

Health - Oct 14

The adoption of the initiative for a ban on animal and human experimentation would prevent biomedical research and new medical treatments in particular. The high quality of healthcare and responsible research in Switzerland to the benefit of the population and the environment are at stake.

Pharmacology - Oct 14

Scientists have developed new controlled proteins and used to switch cellular activities on and off like a light bulb.

Selected Job Offers
Social Sciences - 15.10
Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in (60%) Hochschule Luzern - Soziale Arbeit
Research Management - 14.10
Fachspezialist/in Grants Office - Research Manager (80%) Hochschule Luzern
Computer Science - 14.10
Professor/-in Information Security 80 - 100% (Professorenstelle mit Leitungsfunktion) Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften - ZHAW, Winterthur
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