Materials Science

Timber construction is undergoing a renaissance in Switzerland. researchers at the Hönggerberg campus are using a fire simulator to test timber components for the construction of buildings of all sizes. The custom-built oven permits simulations of realistic fire scenarios.

With the help of the CHEOPS space telescope an international team of European astronomers managed to clearly identify the existence of four new exoplanets. The four mini-Neptunes are smaller and cooler, and more difficult to find than the so-called Hot Jupiter exoplanets which have been found in abundance. Two of the four resulting papers are led by researchers from the University of Bern and the University of Geneva who are also members of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) PlanetS.

How do today's indigenous communities of South America trace back to the history of human migration and contact in the continent? An international team has worked to reconstruct the legacy of Chile's largest indigenous community, the Mapuche, in a quest to strengthen their representation in the history of the continent.

Physics - Jun 7

Scientists have developed a new research instrument for observing biological tissue samples prepared using a method discovered about forty years ago by Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet, emeritus professor at the University of Lausanne. Their instrument - the only one of its kind in the world - opens up promising new avenues of research.

Health - Jun 6

Receptor proteins serve as the -eyes and ears- of the cell. The largest receptor family are the so-called G protein-coupled receptors. They respond to highly diverse stimuli ranging from photons to hormones and odorants. Researchers at the University of Basel have discovered a unique recognition pattern that works like a barcode and tags the receptor for desensitization. By this mechanism, signaling in cells is rapidly switched off when it is no longer needed.

Selected Job Offers
Environment - 08.06
Researcher in the field of Energy & Sustainability Transitions 60-80% Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW
Economics - 08.06
Un-e professeur-e HES associé-e à 100% en Management HES-SO Genève, HEG Genève, Campus Battelle, rue de la Tambourine 17 - 1227 Carouge
Social Sciences - 05.06
Full Professor or Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Social Work (50%) Université de Neuchâtel
Research Management - 03.06
Präsident:in des SNF-Forschungsrats 50-60% Schweizerischer Nationalfonds (SNF), Bern
Earth Sciences - 02.06
Fachspezialist/in Geoenergie (Forschung) Bundesamt für Energie BFE, Bern
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