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Affiliation: Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA

The FSO plattform provides public and detailed statistics about Switzerland.

Research Management - Jun 27
In 2021, the Confederation spent CHF 2.2 billion to carry out or support research and development activities. Compared to 2019, the last observed year, this represents a decrease of CHF 413 million (-16%). The main reason for this is the non-association with the European Union (EU) research and innovation framework program 'Horizon Europe'. These results are based on the evaluation of administrative data by the Federal Statistical Office (FSO)
Campus - Jan 11

Longitudinal analyses of education and training (LABB) The pandemic has not halted the increase in the number of new international students at higher education institutions 11. Thanks to the reputation of its education system, each year Switzerland welcomes an ever-growing number of international students into its higher education institutions.

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