EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology   link
Location: Dübendorf, Thun, St.Gallen
Überland Str. 129, 8600 Dübendorf
Feuerwerkerstrasse 39, 3603 Thun
Lerchenfeldstrasse 5, 9014 St. Gallen

Discipline: Materials Science
Affiliation: ETH Board

Empa is a materials science and technology research institution. It belongs to the ETH domain and as such is an important element in education, science and innovation in Switzerland. It specializes in applications, focused research and development, and provides high-level services in the field of sustainable materials science and technology. Its core tasks are innovative collaboration with industry and public institutions, ensuring the safety of people and the environment, knowledge propagation and university-level teaching.

Health - Pharmacology - Jan 27
Health - Pharmacology
Seemingly less hazardous than Delta, but significantly more infectious: The spread of the omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus raises the question of whether it can push the healthcare system to its breaking point. researchers have worked with partners to model scenarios for both Switzerland and Germany - and conclude that this is an unlikely course of events. Nevertheless, some risks remain.
Earth Sciences - Environment - Jan 25
Earth Sciences - Environment

In a large-scale fundraising campaign, popular YouTubers like Mister Beast and Mark Rober are currently trying to rid the oceans of almost 14,000 tonnes of plastic waste. That's about 0.15 per cent of the amount that ends up in the oceans every year. But it's not just our waters that are full of plastic. A new study shows that the spread of nanoplastic through the air is a more widespread problem than previously thought.

Architecture - Event - Jan 19

The competition starts on 19 January 2022 and includes construction projects with Aerogel in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Innovation - Architecture - Jan 11

The Empa spin-off viboo has developed a self-learning algorithm for controlling the indoor climate. This enables predictive cooling or heating of buildings, thus saving around one third of energy. Following successful experiments at NEST, Empa's and Eawag's research and innovation building, the first pilot projects are now being implemented with industrial partners.

Materials Science - Innovation - Dec 20, 2021
Materials Science - Innovation

Intelligent packaging with sensors that monitor goods, such as vegetables, on long transport routes is a trend for the future.

Environment - Dec 16, 2021

Denise Mitrano, former postdoctoral researcher at the Environmental Risk Assessment and Management Group, led by Bernd Nowack, and now Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry of Anthropogenic Materials at ETH Zurich, was awarded the Marie Heim-Vögtlin Prize by the Swiss National Foundation (SNF).

Environment - Computer Science - Jan 20
Environment - Computer Science

The navigation software group HERE is taking over a software tool developed by Migros and Empa and making it available worldwide.

Physics - Electroengineering - Jan 18
Physics - Electroengineering

Mickael L. Perrin wants to build tiny power plants from graphene nanoribbons that generate electricity from heat. His ambitious project won him one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants from the EU and one of the 32 Eccellenza Professorial Fellowships by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). He will take up an assistant professorship at ETH Zurich - and continue his research at Empa.

Transport - Jan 3

How much does a country's vehicle fleet consume on average? How does it change from year to year? With the increasing number of electric vehicles and more and more "crossover" models that can hardly be assigned to one vehicle segment, analysis is becoming increasingly difficult.

Environment - Dec 16, 2021

Buildings, roads, railways, supply and disposal networks and much more: The entire Swiss built environment is as complex as its challenges for the future - due to climate change, natural hazards, population growth and other factors.

Innovation - Campus - Dec 15, 2021
Innovation - Campus

Ultra-fast capsules in vacuum tubes: All around the world, companies and research institutes are working on "Hyperloop" concepts.

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