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Location: Lausanne

MICS - Mobile Information and Communication Systems

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), MICS - Mobile Information and Communication Systems, uses the latest developments in mobile communication; in particular the ever increasing ability of devices to interconnect directly with one another to form decentralized, self-organizing networks. Thus environmental information, for example, is measured, processed and provided over the internet using wireless sensor networks. Environmental monitoring is just one of the applications of these newly developed technologies and platforms. Other projects involve the localization of mobile robots and security protocols for wireless networks. As the home institution of the NCCR MICS, the EPF Lausanne has substantially expanded its School of Computer and Communication Sciences with 20 new professorships. In addition, the ETH Zurich has refocused its research activities in the area of the NCCR MICS.

Home institution: EPF Lausanne

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