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Location: Geneva - Lake Geneva region
Rue du Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Genève

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The University of Geneva (UNIGE) is an institution devoted to research, teaching and dialogue. It is the site of academic creativity and the transmission of knowledge.

Since its foundation in 1559 the University of Geneva has developed ever higher ethical standards and steadily increased in quality and the will to innovation. Today it is one of Europe’s leading universities.

The University of Geneva also shares the international calling of its host city, Geneva, a centre of international and multicultural activities with a venerable cosmopolitan tradition. Its desire to expand its collaboration with partner institutions and broaden its appeal to researchers and students from around the world has made the University of Geneva a "globalised university", a meeting place for academic disciplines and various cultures, and a forum for ideas.


Life Sciences - May 13
A team from the University of Geneva shows that cells that make up our tissues increase in volume when tissues bend. A key discovery for the culture of in vitro organs. "Sheet" of curved cells in the form of a tube: the cells initially organized flat were forced to curl. (c) Aurélien Roux How do our cells organize themselves to give their final shape to our organs? The answer lies in morphogenesis, the set of mechanisms that regulate their distribution in space during embryonic development.
Earth Sciences - May 9
Earth Sciences

Scientists reveal a surprising mechanism in the formation of copper deposits, an essential metal for the energy transition.

Life Sciences - Apr 25
Life Sciences

By developing a tool to visualize the membrane association and activation status of normal and oncogenic proteins, scientists at the University of Geneva have established the basis for innovative drug discovery.

Social Sciences - Apr 25
Social Sciences

A team from the University of Geneva demonstrates that eye-tracking can be used to assess the perceptual abilities of people with multiple disabilities. A new step towards personalized care.

Health - Apr 19

A team of biologists led by UNIGE has discovered, for breast cancer, a factor that explains the spread of metastases to the bones.

Health - May 3

How to limit the risks of pandemics caused by the destruction of ecosystems? The 9th edition of the Geneva Health Forum will explore the public health issues that affect the whole planet.

Health - Apr 25

The list of diseases caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection is growing and now includes the retina. This is what suggest a prospective study by the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) and the University of Geneva.

Physics - Apr 20

A team from the UNIGE has succeeded in visualizing crystal nucleation - the stage that precedes crystallization - that was invisible until now.

Health - Apr 13

UNIGE Scientists show that endocrine stem cells in the pancreas disappear after birth, and detail the genetic identity of the different types of pancreatic hormone-producing cells.

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