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Research Management - Nov 30
Research Management

Despite mandatory data sharing policies adopted by some scientific journals, the potential for reuse of these data remains limited. This is the finding of a meta-research on open science undertaken by Dominique Roche, postdoctoral fellow in biology at the University of Neuchâtel.

Psychology - Oct 27

Regardless of the topic, conspiracy texts refer to a greater number of themes and are less coherent than non-conspiracy writings. This is the result of the largest comparison ever carried out between texts supporting these theories and non-conspiracy writings, i.e. 96,000 articles analyzed in total. Signed by researchers from the universities of Neuchâtel and Warwick (UK), this study has just been published in the reference journal Science Advances .

History - Jul 7

If timetables and punctuality are an integral part of our society, it has not always been so. This is what Catherine Herr-Laporte, a doctoral student at the Chair in the History of Technology, has shown by studying the development of postal transport in France throughout the 18th century as part of her doctoral thesis on time and mobility. In her work, we discover why speed became a social, political and economic issue. And how temporal coordination contributed to the emergence of a new consciousness of time, the same one that laid the foundations of the modern state

Physics - Jun 16

The Time-Frequency Laboratory (LTF) of the University of Neuchâtel has just achieved a new performance in the field of ultrafast lasers. The device transforms an infrared laser into a stroboscope, each pulse lasting only 27 femtoseconds (fs), i.e. 27 billionths of a microsecond, but with a power comparable to that of a nuclear power plant! This feat is at the heart of a doctoral thesis that has just been defended at the UniNE.

Health - Sep 12

Ironic remarks or indirect requests are part of our everyday dialogue. But certain brain lesions can alter the grasp of the hidden meaning of these expressions. During her PhD, speech therapist Natacha Cordonier studied these disorders, from diagnosis to treatment.

Physics - Jun 27

Coordinated by the CSEM, the large European quantum project macQsimal, included in the FET Flagship on Quantum Technologies initiative, is nearing its end and reveals very promising results.

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