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Law - Computer Science - Sep 28, 2017
Law - Computer Science
Researchers supported by the SNSF have set up a free and accessible integrated database of legal cases involving international economic law. Their work represents an important milestone for research and practice.
Social Sciences - Law - Apr 26, 2016
Social Sciences - Law

In Switzerland, an increasing number of offenders are aging and dying in prison. Penal institutions need to better adjust to this situation, and uniform rules are needed to ensure a dignified end of life in prison.

Law - Environment - Jul 29, 2015
Law - Environment

What are the impacts of transparency rules for treaty-based investor-State arbitration? Dimitrij Euler, a PhD student in public international law, co-edited a commentary on the new UNCITRAL Rules of Transparency.

Law - Feb 3, 2016

The popular initiative "Enforce the expulsion of foreign criminals", also known as the enforcement initiative, has led the academic legal profession in Switzerland to issue a joint statement ahead of the vote on 28 February.

Law - Feb 28, 2012

Professor A. Berne, thesis director, and the whole LTE team, congratulate J. Jaffrain for his thesis on “Experimental quantification of the variability of the raindrop size distribution at small scales".

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