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  1. How can I contact myScience?

  2. For which companies/institutions is myScience the right job board?

  3. How can I create an account with myScience?

  4. I have forgotten my password.

  5. I forgot which email address I registered with.

  6. I forgot if I have created an account in the past.

  7. What is the difference between a Premium Advert and a Standard Advert?

  8. How can I buy a Standard Advert?

  9. How can I buy / place a Premium Advert?

  10. How can I place a Standard Advert?

  11. How long will it take for my job offer to be online?

  12. what should I do if my Premium Advert is not online after 24 hours?

  13. what should I do if I have not received a confirmation of receipt?

  14. I haven’t received an invoice yet, what can I do?

  15. Do I get a quantity discount for buying multiple job offers?

  16. What is the difference between the PhD/Postdoc job offer and the standard job offer?

  17. Who are the users of myScience?

  18. Can I renew my job offer?

  19. Is there an ad refresh during the ad runtime?

  20. I receive few applications during the runtime, what can I do?

  21. Will my job offer also be published internationally in the myScience network?

  22. Will my job offer appear in search engines?

  23. Can I make subsequent changes to my job offer?

  24. Can I place several jobs in one job offer?

  25. Will my job offer be published in a newsletter?

  26. Can I pay by credit card?

  27. How long are my purchased credits valid?

  28. How is VAT handled?

  29. I have not received any applications.

  30. Can I place my job offer directly on myScience.org?

  31. Where can I find more info about myScience?

  32. Where can I find the general terms and conditions?

  33. My question is not answered in the FAQ.