University of applied sciences and arts


In the Swiss university panorama, the universities of applied sciences and arts (HES) are important albeit less famous abroad than EPF and cantonal universities.

  • The first duty of a HES professor is teaching (about 80% of the working time);
  • As a consequence only 20% of time is in principle devoted to research activities
  • However, it is possible
    • to reduce teaching duties and to increase working time devoted to research activities
    • to obtain sabbatical semester to focus on research and formation

It is worth to notice that HES’ importance is growing thanks to high quality formation and research results. HESs essentially offer a dynamic environment with many possibilities.


Before applying for a professorship, the candidate should control the requirements that are outlined into the job description, application guidelines and in the HES’s regulations. In general a candidate has to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Hold a university’s degree (from UNI, EPF, HES or similar foreign institutions)
  • Have a proved experience in teaching and formation
  • Have several years of working experience in applied or industrial research.

The doctoral degrees are not always required even though are often suited.


The Professor’s salary varies in Switzerland from place to place. Approximately from CHF 8,000 for up to CHF 15,000 per month (see salary section). The salary must be indicated in the contract of employment and can be negotiated.