moving to united kingdom

moving to united kingdom

Doing research in UK is attractive for a number of researchers! But which establishment to choose: university, institute, company? What will be the amount of your fellowship or salary? If the steps are sometimes long and the difficult choices, here are some tracks which will help you to prepare your departure.

News from the UK

New UK Government Department for Science and Higher Education

The new Prime Minister Gordon Brown created a new Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), combining elements which had previously been in separate departments. Innovation and science funding (formerly in the Trade Department) and higher education and skills (formerly in the Education Department) are seen as the core factors for a knowledge - based economy and thus for the UK’s competitiveness. The Department is headed by Rt Hon John Denham MP, who resigned from his previous ministerial job over the Iraq war.

"Home Fee" Status for Swiss Students in the UK

According to information provided by the Education ministry, the children of Swiss nationals have been granted "Home Fee" status as part of a revision of the fee guidelines for UK universities. They can now study at British universities at the standard fee rates for students from the UK and other EU states, i.e. around £3,000 a year. In addition, Swiss students in the UK can apply for financial support in the form of loans. The right to reduced fees and financial support is subject to certain conditions; however it is no longer necessary for the prospective student or his/her parents to have lived in the UK before the studies begin. 


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