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Medicine - Life Sciences May 23
Medicine - Life Sciences
Scientists at the University of Basel in Switzerland have, for the first time, described a new T'cell population that can recognize and kill tumor cells. The open access journal eLife has published the results.
Life Sciences - Medicine May 22
Life Sciences - Medicine

Most people know from their own experience that just a single sleepless night can lead to difficulty in mastering mental tasks the next day.

Medicine - Chemistry May 16
Medicine - Chemistry

A team of EPFL scientists has developed several antibody-based biosensors that have the potential to help healthcare centers in developing countries or even patients in their own homes keep track of drug concentration in the blood.

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Life Sciences - 22.05
Postdoc (Ph.D.) in biochemistry / molecular biology University of Berne
Medicine/Pharmacology - 16.05
Professeur-e dans le domaine de la recherche translationnelle en oncologie Université de Genève
Medicine/Pharmacology - 04.05
Chargé-e de Cours HES à 50% « Soins à la personne âgée » HES-SO Genève
Medicine/Pharmacology - 04.05
Faculty Position in Gene Therapy of the Nervous System EPFL, Lausanne
Medicine/Pharmacology - 04.05
Professorship in Cancer Genomics EPFL, Lausanne
Medicine/Pharmacology - 04.05
Professorship in Metabolism EPFL, Lausanne
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