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Health - Apr 6
EPFL researchers have been working for weeks to help fight the pandemic and mitigate its shortand long-term consequences. Studies are already under way on methods to stem the spread of the virus, diagnose the disease and discover a vaccine. EPFL researchers are also part of an EU initiative called PEPP-PT to develop an app that can identify people who have been in contact with a coronavirus carrier.
Health - Apr 1

The bacteria that cause tuberculosis need iron to survive. Researchers at the University of Zurich have now solved the first detailed structure of the transport protein responsible for the iron supply.

Media - Mar 30

From newspapers to television, from the internet to social media, we experience an overload of information on the Covid-19 pandemic. Science journalism has become an important source to help individuals understand what is true and what is false.

Selected Jobs
Environment - 01.04
Faculty Position in Soil System Science EPFL, Sion
Life Sciences - 12.03
Laboratory Technician Protein Expression and Purification leadXpro AG, Villigen
Health - 28.02
Dozent/-in Grün und Gesundheit (80 %) Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften - ZHAW, Wädenswil
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