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Economics / Business - 22.06.2022
Vulnerabilities in Mega cloud service
A team of cryptographers at ETH Zurich conducted extensive testing on the New Zealand-based cloud platform Mega. In doing so, they discovered security holes that would allow the provider to decrypt and manipulate customer data. -Mega - The most trusted, best-protected cloud storage this is how New Zealand-based cloud provider Mega advertises its services.

Environment - Economics / Business - 02.06.2022
New tool for emergency planning during extreme floods
New tool for emergency planning during extreme floods
The Mobiliar Lab for Natural Risks of the University of Bern shows that far greater floods are possible in Switzerland than previously assumed. These extreme events underscore the importance of supra-regional emergency planning. A new modeling tool is designed to help manage large floods. Even experts could not have imagined the extent of these floods: Nobody had expected the devastating storms of summer 2021 in Germany.

Economics / Business - 07.03.2022
Skill, scale, and value creation in the mutual fund industry
When investors shop for mutual funds, they typically focus on performance, which is generally measured by the level of returns (compared to a given benchmark). However, far less is known about value creation, i.e. whether funds, or rather the fund managers, are capable of extracting genuine value from capital markets through their investment decisions.