Future image of Weidteile - an attractive urban quarter

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Future vision of a city street instead of a city highway
Future vision of a city street instead of a city highway

Following the suspension of the A5 Westast implementation project at the end of 2020, Stadtlabor Biel/Bienne is presenting a further developed vision of the future for the redesign of the Bernstrasse axis in the direction of Brügg. The work, developed in a dialogue-based, interdisciplinary process, forms a basis for further planning.

The Future Vision of Weidteile comprises analyses and findings. It also provides recommendations for future planning steps. The present results were developed in a broadly supported and dialog-based process with regional professional and interest groups, local actors and students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences. The results of the process, which lasted several months, should serve as a sound basis for future planners and authorities to develop a feasible project that is capable of gaining majority support.

From city highway to city street - a paradigm shift.

The analysis of the urban laboratory identifies a high potential in the Weidteile overdevelopment. At the same time, the challenges of the current initial situation are great. The Bernstrasse cuts through the Weidteile development and, due to its caesura, leads to major deficits in the neighborhood from a social as well as from an urban perspective. The conclusion of the living future picture shows that the extension of the perimeter to the surrounding buildings is inevitable. With the inclusion of the overbuilding and an interfering redesign of the current street space, a comprehensive upgrading of the Weidteilequartier is made possible and new qualities of stay are achieved. Bernstrasse will be transformed into a lively, green city street. This paradigm shift enables the vitalization of the place and brings a considerable improvement of the traffic as well as social networking in the quarter. With the optimization of the public transport connection, safe traffic routes for non-motorized traffic and the revitalization of the outdoor space, the population receives a new quality of life.

Living, working and leisure in one place

The picture shows an extensive activation of the public space with stores, small workshops, services, restaurants and much more in the Weidteile quarter. The range of public uses will be condensed in the first floors of the Schindlerhöfe, and identity-forming places will be created in supplementary small buildings in the outdoor space. Access to the newly created uses will be from Bernstrasse. This will relieve the pressure on the streets to the rear of the quarter and subsequently enhance their value. Likewise, a redesign of the open spaces in accordance with the requirements of social needs and biodiversity is proposed.

A colorful social mix with a sustainable look and feel

The attractiveness of the Bernstrasse urban space is giving the neighborhood a new lease of life. The redesign will result in a colorful social mix with a sustainable appearance. The subjective perception of the city gate of Biel-Nidau will shift from Guido-Müller-Platz to Brüggmoos. The recommended upgrading of the urban space triggers economic and social changes, which offer a great opportunity for the further development of the neighborhood.