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Art and Design - 03.03.2023
Lausanne museum unveils the secrets of the first color photographs
An exhibition on Gabriel Lippmann, the inventor of one of the first methods for color photography, opens today at the Photo Elysée museum in Lausanne and will run until 21 May. The exhibition provides a unique glimpse into Lippmann's multispectral imaging technique - for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize - by presenting his original color plates in an entirely novel way, thanks to a joint project with EPFL.

Art and Design - Innovation - 21.10.2022
Dürer goes digital
Dürer goes digital
The Graphische Sammlung ETH Zürich has digitised over 50,000 artworks and made them freely accessible. Linda Schädler, Head of the Graphische Sammlung, explains in an interview why she hopes to do the same with the remaining 110,000. Ms Schädler, ETH-s collection of prints and drawings has now digitised 50,000 of its artworks.

Microtechnics - Art and Design - 26.03.2021
Contemplate the nature of robotics at EPFL Pavilions
Contemplate the nature of robotics at EPFL Pavilions
EPFL Pavilions re-opens its exhibition Nature of Robotics which offers perspective on robotics in a human and organic environment. At the entrance of Nature of Robotics a couple of robotic snails slither around the floor, leaving behind slimy trails. Two visitors, young boys, enter the exhibit and squat next to the slimy creatures, trying to follow both of them at once.