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Politics - 02.08.2021
Switzerland and the EU - where to now?
Switzerland and the EU - where to now?
Following the termination of negotiations for a framework agreement, researchers outline a three-stage plan for the further development of a constructive partnership between Switzerland and the European Union.

Economics / Business - 02.08.2021
Generous with Individuals and Selfish to the Masses
Financial scandals or just normal human behaviour? Neuroeconomists at the University of Zurich have shown in an experimental setting that most people are willing to steal half of the earnings of a la

Health - Life Sciences - 02.08.2021
Salmonella: Intestinal flora as reason for asymptomatic disease progression
Salmonella infections can result in a broad spectrum of illnesses. According to the latest research findings, one reason why some cases are harmless while others are very severe lies in the intestinal flora. An infection with Salmonella can have very different consequences. While some infected people do not notice the infection with the bacteria at all - this is called an asymptomatic progression - others suffer from severe gastrointestinal complaints.

Computer Science - Life Sciences - 30.07.2021
How will machine learning change science?
SUMMER SERIES: HOW SCIENCE WORKS - For millennia scientists have manually combed through data in a bid to find meaningful patterns to solve complex problems.

Life Sciences - Health - 27.07.2021
Lord of the flies, king of data and proud owner of seven bicycles
Lord of the flies, king of data and proud owner of seven bicycles
ETH professor and molecular biologist Ernst Hafen retires at the end of July. We look back at the colourful career of a leading scientist with many different interests beyond the narrow world of molecular genetics.

Innovation - Life Sciences - 23.07.2021
Wyss Center partners with Artiria Medical to accelerate a novel therapy for cerebral vasospasm
The new device will interact with the nerves responsible for constriction of brain arteries - a common complication after hemorrhagic stroke Geneva, Switzerland - The Wyss Center and Artiria Medical

Mechanical Engineering - Campus - 23.07.2021
EPFL now has its own Hyperloop test track
EPFL now has its own Hyperloop test track
Engineers at EPFL's DESL lab, working in association with EPFL spin-off Swisspod, have built a Hyperloop test track on the Lausanne campus.

Media - 23.07.2021
20 recommendations from 16 experts to improve science communication in Switzerland
The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences has published a first comprehensive assessment report on science communication in Switzerland, made by a group of 16 experts, among which USI professor Suzanne Suggs.

Campus - Environment - 22.07.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - 20.07.2021

Transport - 20.07.2021

Health - Economics / Business - 20.07.2021

Civil Engineering - 19.07.2021
First 3D printed and unreinforced concrete bridge
3D printing can be used to build load-bearing concrete structures that require significantly less material and no steel reinforcement or mortar.

Environment - 19.07.2021
Is a 'green populist' movement emerging in Switzerland?
Is a ’green populist’ movement emerging in Switzerland?
According to two scientists, Switzerland's right-wing populist parties have adopted some ideas from green parties in order to attract more voters. In a recent shift in messaging, the populists claim that increased urbanization and growing population density are being fueled in part by immigration, and could wipe out natural areas and expand Switzerland's carbon footprint.  When Spanish sociologist Ander Audikana moved to Switzerland in February 2014, he never thought he'd be witness to an event that would shake up the country.

Environment - 16.07.2021
Removing the lead hazard from perovskite solar cells
Although a very promising solution for capturing solar energy, perovskite solar cells contain lead, which is toxic to the environment and a serious health hazard.

Psychology - Pedagogy - 16.07.2021
Emotion and locomotion crucial from an early age
Emotion and locomotion crucial from an early age
Researchers at the University of Geneva have found that emotion knowledge, cooperative social behaviour and locomotor activity are three key skills for promoting numerical learning in children aged 3 to 6.

Campus - Environment - 15.07.2021

Research Management - Administration - 14.07.2021

Health - Life Sciences - 14.07.2021
How to make biomedical research data able to interact?
How to make biomedical research data able to interact?
Swiss specialists in data semantics define the national strategy for the interoperability of research data to enable a strong policy of promoting personalised medicine.

Pharmacology - Health - 14.07.2021
Novartis announces NEJM publication of positive Phase III REACH3 data for Jakavi in chronic GvHD
REACH3 data show Jakavi significantly improved overall response rate (ORR) at week 24 (49.7% vs.

Campus - Media - 13.07.2021
Students make the news by producing original data journalism
EPFL and UNIL students collaborated with professional journalists to write data-driven articles on key social issues - family and money - for publication in the Tribune de Genève and other news outlets of Tamedia.

Computer Science - 12.07.2021
Midgard - a paradigm shift in data center technology
Researchers have pioneered an innovative approach to implementing virtual memory in data centers, which will greatly increase server efficiency.

Health - Life Sciences - 09.07.2021
In the health lab of the future
In the health lab of the future
Rea Lehner has been running the "Future Health Technologies" research programme at the Singapore-ETH Centre since 2020.

Innovation - 08.07.2021

Health - Pharmacology - 08.07.2021
Shaping the Next-generation of Interventions for Malaria Prevention
Shaping the Next-generation of Interventions for Malaria Prevention
Together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Swiss TPH has launched a new project bringing together research & development and implementation specialists, modellers and global-health experts to shape the next-generation of medical interventions for malaria prevention.

Health - Environment - 07.07.2021
Citizen scientists to the rescue
Citizen scientists to the rescue
Summer series: How science works From data collection to environmental and public-health advocacy, amateur scientists make a valuable contribution to scientific research. It's 6:30pm on Tuesday, 29 June. From the couch in my Geneva apartment, I'm working on a project for EPFL's Digital Epidemiology Lab - even though I know nothing about epidemiology and nobody at the lab even knows I'm taking part.

Research Management - Career - 06.07.2021

Innovation - Environment - 06.07.2021
A next step towards climate-friendly fuels
A next step towards climate-friendly fuels
Synhelion and Empa are conducting a joint research project, co-funded by the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, to further develop a high-temperature energy storage solution that is a key component in the production of climate-friendly solar fuels. The project will enable the cost-effective and scalable storage of high-temperature solar heat at over 1'000°C for the first time.

Materials Science - 06.07.2021

Environment - 06.07.2021
Some urban commuters have no choice but to take their car
An EPFL study shows that suburban commuters do not necessarily take environmental concerns into account when deciding whether to use their car. Many car commuters - especially those with hectic schedules - feel they have no other choice. That's especially true when it comes to working mothers. Transportation accounts for a third of greenhouse gas emissions in Switzerland, and 75% of those emissions come from car travel.

Physics - Innovation - 06.07.2021
Circuits of the future
Circuits of the future
The more connected the world becomes, the greater the demands that data traffic places on communications infrastructure.