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Architecture - 11.11.2022

Health - 10.11.2022

Health - Veterinary - 10.11.2022
Measures of the Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR) producing results - use of antibiotics decreases
The -Swiss Antibiotic Resistance Report 2022- reveals that both doctors and veterinarians have prescribed ever fewer antibiotics in recent years. It has also been possible to put the brakes on resistance rates for the time being. In order to ensure the effectiveness of antibiotics in the long term and to curb the development of resistance, the Federal Council launched a national Strategy on Antibiotic Resistance (StAR) in 2015.

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 10.11.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 10.11.2022
Immune System Reboot in MS Patients
Immune System Reboot in MS Patients
Blood stem cell transplantation is a radical but highly effective therapy for multiple sclerosis. A study led by the University of Zurich has now examined in detail the way in which the treatment curbs the autoimmune disease and how the immune system regenerates afterwards. A better understanding of these mechanisms should help the treatment approach, currently approved in only a few countries, to gain wider acceptance.

Life Sciences - Health - 10.11.2022
A Fountain of Youth for Blood Vessels
A Fountain of Youth for Blood Vessels
Vascular aging is the most common cause of fatal cardiovascular diseases. Can blood vessels be rejuvenated using fat cells? Cardiologist Soheil Saeedi is developing a novel method to do just that.

Materials Science - Innovation - 10.11.2022
Water-activated paper battery among the world's best inventions
Water-activated paper battery among the world’s best inventions
Every year, TIME publishes a list of the most important inventions of the year.

Environment - Art and Design - 09.11.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 09.11.2022
Temporary mild damage to heart muscle cells after Covid-19 booster vaccination
Temporary mild damage to heart muscle cells after Covid-19 booster vaccination
An interdisciplinary research team from the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel has studied the effects of the Covid-19 booster vaccination on the heart muscle.

Life Sciences - Health - 09.11.2022
Latest neural signals recorded with ABILITY brain-computer interface and new details of the system presented at Society for Neuroscience meeting
Latest neural signals recorded with ABILITY brain-computer interface and new details of the system presented at Society for Neuroscience meeting
"These new results are an important step towards demonstrating safety and efficacy of the device while recording and transmitting neural data in real time over a period of months.

Environment - 08.11.2022
PathFinder - forest monitoring to contribute to climate protection
Throughout Europe forests are monitored in order to quantify forest growth. The EU-project PathFinder aims to coordinate the way data from forest inventories are shared between countries.

Chemistry - Environment - 08.11.2022
Sustainable scents from the mountain of the gods
Sustainable scents from the mountain of the gods
Chemist Freideriki Michailidou is developing novel processes for the sustainable production of fragrance ingredients. As a first step, she studied the scents of rare aromatic plants that grow only on Mount Olympus in Greece. To tackle this challenge, she scaled Mount Olympus this past summer. She took along one of the ETH Biocommunication group's headspace traps, a device equipped with a glass bell or a plastic bag, which is placed carefully over a plant.

Environment - Earth Sciences - 07.11.2022
Green and blue food webs differ
Green and blue food webs differ
Terrestrial and aquatic food webs respond differently to changes in the environment. Understanding these differences is fundamental to identifying the species most important to an ecosystem and to effectively protecting biodiversity. This is shown by a study led by the research institutes Eawag and WSL and published in the journal Nature Communications .

Environment - Economics - 07.11.2022
COP27: Climate finance needs more transparency
The promise of industrialised countries to financially support emerging and developing countries in climate measures remains unfulfilled at the beginning of the climate conference in Egypt.

Environment - Architecture - 07.11.2022

Health - Life Sciences - 04.11.2022
Melanoma metastasis: new IRB study
Melanoma metastasis: new IRB study
The study "Subcapsular sinus macrophages promote melanoma metastasis to the sentinel lymph nodes via an IL-1?-STAT3 axis" has been published in the scientific journal Cancer Immunology Research.

Health - 03.11.2022
The design of novel and optimized CAR T cells targeting both BCMA and TACI in the treatment of multiple myeloma
Novel chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) with different configurations of the natural ligand APRIL for BCMA and TACI antigens delivered fast anti-tumor responses but did not protect from tumor recurrence, similar to CAR T cell therapies using antibody fragments for BCMA binding. The Arber Lab identifies potential mechanisms of resistance shared by different CAR T cell types targeting BCMA.

Electroengineering - 02.11.2022
Tackling the high-voltage needs of next-gen satellites
Tackling the high-voltage needs of next-gen satellites
Scientists at the Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL, in collaboration with Beyond Gravity and with the support of the ESA, have developed a slip ring assembly that can more than triple the operational voltage of new-generation, high-voltage satellites.

Environment - 02.11.2022
Steel wheel for biodiversity
Steel wheel for biodiversity
Farmers once ensured rich harvests of hay by systematically irrigating meadows. In the canton of Zurich, environmentalists are bringing these methods back to life to create a valuable idyll with high biodiversity - using the historic technology of a water scoop wheel, which researchers helped to develop.

Environment - 01.11.2022
Sustainable clean drinking water solution
Sustainable clean drinking water solution
ETH postdoc Olivier Gröninger is improving the drinking water supply for people in rural areas of South America with his Openversum project.

Innovation - Microtechnics - 31.10.2022

Media - Economics - 31.10.2022
Media Quality Yearbook 2022 - The evolution of the media landscape in the Swiss Italian speaking region 
The University of Zurich's Forschungszentrum öffentlichkeit und Gesellschaft (Fög) has published the Media Quality Yearbook 2022, which also features the study on the media market in the Swiss Italian-speaking region, co-edited by Colin Porlezza , professor at USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society , and Linards Udris , researcher and lecturer at the University of Zurich.

Environment - Event - 28.10.2022
More space at the SLF
More space at the SLF
The new building will provide the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research (SLF) with more than 50 additional workspaces.

Research Management - Administration - 27.10.2022

Health - Pharmacology - 27.10.2022
Overcoming resistance to colon cancer treatment
Overcoming resistance to colon cancer treatment
A team from the UNIGE has found an alternative for patients who have developed resistance to chemotherapy treatments. Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers. Its treatment is mainly based on chemotherapy. However, over time, chemotherapy induces resistance in the majority of patients, who end up being unresponsive to the drugs.

Environment - 27.10.2022
Bernhard Wehrli: an active retirement
Bernhard Wehrli: an active retirement
In the 45 years since he began studying Chemistry at ETH Zurich, Bernhard Wehrli has been a research scientist, Head of Department and member of the Directorate at Eawag and Professor at ETH Zurich, as well as holding various other positions.

Environment - Economics - 26.10.2022
Climate protection benefits the economy
While the economic impacts of climate policy are generally perceived as costs, Anthony Patt proposes the opposite perspective.

Research Management - 26.10.2022
Education plays an essential role in research integrity
Ambrogio Fasoli, EPFL's Associate Vice President for Research and Director of the Swiss Plasma Center, and Caroline Vandevyver, the Head of EPFL's Research Office, spoke with us about the importance of research integrity, the challenges in this area and EPFL's positions on the issues. According to Ambrogio Fasoli and Caroline Vandevyver, education and communication are key to promoting research integrity and earning the trust of industry and civil society.

Materials Science - Earth Sciences - 26.10.2022
He makes it light
He makes it light
Belgian-born Wim Malfait is a trained geologist who once searched for gold on behalf of a mining company. Today, he heads the Building Energy Materials and Components laboratory, which develops, among other things, super-lightweight aerogel insulation materials and materials with heat exchange capabilities.

Health - Computer Science - 24.10.2022

Media - 24.10.2022
Rising news deprivation has negative consequences for democracy
News media is reaching fewer and fewer people. Young adults consume just seven minutes of news per day on their smartphones. This poses a problem for democracy: news-deprived people are less interested in politics, have lower rates of participation in the political process and have less trust in political institutions.

Architecture - History / Archeology - 24.10.2022

Environment - 20.10.2022

Economics - Agronomy / Food Science - 20.10.2022
Virtual cold chains save food
Virtual cold chains save food
Nearly half of all fruit and vegetables produced globally are wasted each year, according to the United Nations.

Environment - Innovation - 19.10.2022
Always following the sun
Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees requires the energy system to be restructured as quickly as possible.