Campus Lucerne childcare services from August 2024

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With the handover of the Campus daycare center to profawo, the universities on the Lucerne campus are expanding their offerings for balancing family and studies/work.

The Kita Campus is an important and proven service offered by the three universities of the Canton of Lucerne (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne University of Teacher Education and the University of Lucerne) to support the compatibility of family life with work or studies. The Kita Campus was founded 20 years ago as an association and has been run by the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts since 2015. On 1 August 2024, the operation of the Kita Campus will be handed over to the non-profit organization profawo. All those involved were informed accordingly in November 2023.

The universities will remain associated with Kita Campus through their membership of profawo. The takeover of Kita Campus by profawo ensures that a high-quality childcare service will continue to be available in Lucerne for the children of university members. All university members also have priority access to a childcare place at profawo. The profawo association has many years of expertise in the management of daycare centers.

The tariff for childcare at the Campus daycare center is now based on the profawo tariff system. Due to the universities’ membership of profawo, students and employees of the Lucerne Campus receive a reduction of CHF 10 per day on the standard profawo tariff. In addition, the universities subsidize the visit with a further CHF 10 per day. This means that the rate for childcare at the Kita Campus is still CHF 117.50 per child per day (rate as of summer 2024).

This tariff also applies to all other profawo daycare centers throughout Switzerland (kids & co). The universities of the Lucerne Campus are thus expanding the range of subsidized childcare places available for children of students and employees of the Lucerne Campus. An overview of the other profawo daycare centers can be found on the kids & co website: kids & co --Kitas in Ihrer Region Through the membership of the three universities in profawo, the members of the three universities also receive further support services in the area of childcare for children or relatives in need of assistance. These are described on the profawo website: Your benefits as a member of profawo