Block week "Renewable energies in the local heating network" 2023

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In February 2023, a team of 22 students accompanied by Jochen Lang and Stefan Mennel traveled to Ansbach in southern Germany. The aim was to research renewable energies for integrated solutions (district or local heating).

Tuesday was all about renewable energies. First, the challenges of using wood dust to generate energy were discussed. The company Endress Holzfeuerungen handles the special requirements for cleaning the flue gases [see Fig. 01]. This was followed by a visit to a wind farm, where the discrepancy in space requirements for the size of the energy generation plants became apparent [see Fig. 02]. This became even more apparent when visiting a photovoltaic plant, which was commissioned in 2004 and could now generate almost double the yield with the same area and the latest modules.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the students focused on the design of a biogas plant and wood chip plant against the backdrop of various operating scenarios for a university campus [see Fig. 03]. This also allowed the students to research the land requirements for the substrate production of biogas plants and forest use.