Horw campus: preliminary project successfully completed

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"The preliminary project for the expansion and renovation of the Horw campus has been successfully completed. The findings from this phase are relevant for further planning." This is what the cantonal government of Lucerne writes in its press release.

The press release continues: ’Unsurprisingly, there are external factors that have an impact on costs - such as construction costs that cannot be influenced. There are also additional costs for the implementation of sustainability and ecological standards. The construction project will now enter the next project phase as planned. The Horw campus will one day be home to HSLU Engineering & Architecture as well as the Lucerne University of Teacher Education. This project is not only of great importance for the canton of Lucerne, but also has an impact beyond the canton’s borders. The project for the renovation and expansion of the Horw campus is one step further with the completion of the preliminary project. The aim of this phase of the construction project is to show in more detail how the construction project will develop. The project costs of CHF 365 million (+/- 30 percent) communicated in the 2021 dispatch have essentially been confirmed.

External factors in particular lead to significantly higher overall costs. For example, construction costs, which cannot be influenced, have an impact of around 18 percent, as does the VAT adjustment (CHF 76 million in total). Additional costs are also expected in the area of sustainability (photovoltaic systems, relocation of the interface to the lake water control center, etc.) and in project development (more precise findings on the subsoil and pollutants). In addition, there are legal requirements that the canton must take into account with regard to sustainability certification, as well as reserves. Based on these findings, the costs for the expansion and renovation of the Horw campus are expected to amount to CHF 600 million (including reserves, around CHF 78 million). Compared with other similar projects of this size in Switzerland, this is still within budget.

Based on the existing preliminary project, the Government Council has cleared the way for the next project phase. The construction project phase is to be initiated by project management in the near future. Construction is expected to start in 2026.

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is pleased ’that the preliminary project has now been successfully completed and that we can press ahead with the planning of the renovation and expansion. The construction project is of great importance for the educational landscape of Central Switzerland and for the competitiveness of our university.

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