Charlotte Soneson wins Bioconductor Award 2021

Charlotte Soneson (right) at the virtual award ceremony
Charlotte Soneson (right) at the virtual award ceremony

Charlotte Soneson, a member of the FMI Computational Biology platform, has been awarded the Bioconductor Award 2021 that recognizes outstanding contributions to the Bioconductor project and community. The Bioconductor project is one of the major software collections for bioinformatics and is used every day by tens-of-thousands of people worldwide.

Bioconductor provides tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data and is a valuable platform for bioinformaticians worldwide. It uses the R statistical programming language, and is open source and open development. In 2020 the Bioconductor Community Awards were launched, annually recognizing four awardees who have each contributed to the project in an outstanding way.

This year, Charlotte Soneson, a member of the FMI Computational Biology technology platform , is among the awardees. She is recognized for being an outstanding long-term contributor to the project, both in terms of package development and community contributions. She has developed or contributed to more than a dozen Bioconductor packages, in particular for single cell analysis. Her contributions span new methods and software for new technologies, as well as exploration and visualization facilitating evaluation, benchmarking and teaching. Soneson is a member of the Bioconductor Technical Advisory Board and teaching group, and helps with community engagement and outreach programs.

Soneson and the other awardees were recently recognized during a (virtual) ceremony at the annual Bioconductor conference.

"I’m proud that Charlotte receives the Bioconductor award," says Michael Stadler, Head of the FMI Computational Biology Platform. "Bioconductor is a crucial project for the life science community, and it is open and free for everyone thanks to the contributions of people like Charlotte. It’s great that her contributions have been recognized - such a well-deserved award!"

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