Corinne Boss Takes Reins of ’Animals and Products of Animal Origin’ Competence Division at Agroscope

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Corinne Boss is the new Head of Agroscope’s ’Animals and Products of Animal Origin’ Competence Division for Research Technology and Knowledge Transfer; in this capacity, she also becomes a Member of the Agroscope Executive Board. A biologist and official expert in animal health, Corinne Boss currently works at the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) as a Research Scientist in the ’Products of Animal Origin and Livestock Breeding’ Division.

Professional career at the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture

Born in 1980 in her home town of Sigriswil, Corinne Boss has worked for the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) since October 2010 - initially as a trainee in the ’Products of Animal Origin and Livestock Breeding’ Division, then from 2011 as a Research Scientist in the same division. In this capacity, she is the National Coordinator for Switzerland’s Animal Genetic Resources, and as such is responsible for the further development and implementation of Switzerland’s animal breeding legislation. During her employment at the FOAG, she has pursued further training as an official expert on animal health. She is involved in Animal Health working groups and projects both within and outside of the Federal Administration, and works actively to improve livestock health in Switzerland. In the international arena, Corinne Boss represents Switzerland in working groups at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and on the European Regional Focal Point (ERFP) for Animal Genetic Resources.

Profound knowledge of the Swiss horse and livestock scene

At Agroscope, Corinne Boss will be taking over the ’Animals and Products of Animal Origin’ Research Technology and Knowledge Exchange Competence Division, and will sit on the Executive Board. With her solid knowledge of animal breeding, livestock movement and animal health, not to mention her national and international connections, she is a recognised figure in the livestock sector. Not least of all owing to the National Animal-Breeding Strategy 2030 - a project that she has headed since 2016 - she is familiar with the current and future challenges facing the livestock-oriented agriculture and food sector, and is ideally equipped for her new duties at Agroscope.

In her new capacity, Corinne Boss will also be responsible for the Swiss National Stud in Avenches. She owes her extensive knowledge of the Swiss equine scene to her responsibility for national and international horse-breeding issues, her involvement in the implementation and further development of the Equids Animal Movement Database, and - last but not least - her hobby, horses.

Corinne Boss succeeds Walter Stoll

Corinne Boss succeeds Walter Stoll, who will be leaving Agroscope to pursue a new professional challenge at the end of April 2019. On behalf of the entire Swiss Centre of Excellence for Research in the Agriculture and Food Sector, Head of Agroscope Eva Reinhard would like to thank Walter Stoll for his strong commitment to the division he currently heads.

Agroscope is organised into seven strategic research divisions and three competence divisions for research technology and knowledge exchange. Whereas the research divisions are responsible for amassing scientific knowledge for later use in the agriculture and food sector, as well as for outstanding research in the agriculture and food industry, the competence divisions focus on practical knowledge and research matters for practitioners, and also deal with legal enforcement. Exchanging knowledge with researchers and practitioners, developing new methodologies and providing infrastructure and technologies are additional focal points of the competence divisions.