Digital science for a sustainable future

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This year, Empa will once again be taking part in the Swiss Digital Days with various activities - with exciting insights into different research topics. At the opening event on September 5 in Bern, for example, a new type of drone developed by researchers will be on display on the Bundesplatz. The Empa spin-off viboo will be competing with other young companies in the "GreenTech Startup Battle". And in several lifestreams, the public can look over the shoulders of researchers and learn more about, for example, how noise in our environment can be reduced.

Digital science plays an important role in the challenge of realizing a sustainable society. It creates new opportunities - including for the intelligent control and secure monitoring of numerous processes. And it opens up new perspectives, for example through digital twins.
As an innovation driver, Empa aims to accelerate this digital transformation with smart materials and new technologies - always with people at the center. At the upcoming " Swiss Digital Days ", Empa will offer, among other things, interactions with the public and bring digital science to life.

What will intelligent, nature-inspired robots of the future look like? And above all: how do we develop such robots? Empa’s " Materials and Technology Center of Robotics " does just that: novel, nature-inspired soft robotics systems for infrastructure maintenance and environmental monitoring.
These include flying robots that shoot and place sensor arrows in the forest. They gather the data needed to protect forest ecosystems from overexploitation. Empa is also developing drones that facilitate inspection of complex construction sites, mines and other hostile environments. Empa drones will also be part of the robotics exhibition at the opening event of the "Swiss Digital Days" in Bern, where they can be observed and experienced live and in action.

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The future looks brighter: Empa spin-off viboo presents a technology that can reduce the energy consumption of buildings by 20 to 40 percent - with a combination of machine learning methods and in-depth knowledge of building physics. Encouragingly, viboo was selected by digitalswitzerland as a semi-finalist for this year’s " GreenTech Startup Battle ". At the event, you can learn first-hand how viboo’s innovative technology is helping to drastically reduce our energy consumption.

Get to know researchers: Join our livestreams with interviews, demonstrations and first-hand insights into how digital science is shaping our future. We’ll be announcing more details soon!

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