One app brings all means of transport together

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One app brings all means of transport together
A new mobility app brings together public transport, micromobility solutions and private carpooling. It was developed by a consortium with ZHAW participation and can be tested.

The MixMyRide app suggests routes by bike, train and e-scooter or as a ride-sharing option by car and on foot.

MixMyRide wants to promote alternatives to the privately used passenger car and therefore networks all means of transport with a mobility app. Until now, streetcar, bike or carpooling had to be booked separately. With the help of data on public transport, dynamic data on carpooling and bikesharing, and intelligent algorithms, mobility demand and supply are now to be coordinated. The app was developed by a Switzerland-wide consortium consisting of institutes from the ZHAW School of Engineering and the Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI). In addition, the WinLab of the city of Winterthur, the mobility service provider BePooler, the transport consultant Citec and the Lugano Living Lab were involved in the development.

The mobility app primarily serves as a trip planning system based on artificial intelligence algorithms developed in-house. The app shows different modes of transportation for the desired trip by determining optimal combinations of route segments based on the available mobility services, which include walking and biking - either by private bike or bikesharing - as well as e-scooters. In addition, once a ride is found, MixMyRide also enables the booking and organization of the ride by mediating between people seeking or offering a ride.

Testing effectiveness in real life

The app is available until February 2024 and covers the regions of Lugano, Geneva and Winterthur/Zurich. During one year, it is now being tested. ZHAW researchers have supported the development of the app in terms of design and functionality and are the local contact for the testing phase in the Winterthur/Zurich region. They are also leading the evaluation, including conducting and analyzing surveys. "The test phase enables us to evaluate the behavioral change potential through MixMyRide and to assess any impact on overall energy consumption and CO2 emissions," explains Uros Tomic from the ZHAW Institute for Sustainable Development.

Testers wanted for MixMyRide

Anyone interested can download and test the MixMyRide app from the iOS App Store or the Android Play Store at any time. If volunteer app users additionally participate in the surveys and any group interviews, they help to understand the impact of the app on mobility behavior and can participate in raffles.

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