ETH Zurich welcomes industry leaders

The Industry Day provides a platform for industry to meet researchers and ETH sp
The Industry Day provides a platform for industry to meet researchers and ETH spin-offs. (Photograph: Gion Pfander)
At the ETH Industry Day on 6 September, companies can get first-hand information on current projects, partnerships, and entrepreneurial activities at ETH Zurich.

The ETH Industry Day - the largest annual networking event for industry and researchers -is the perfect opportunity to get insight into ETH research and how it is applied in industry. Selected professors and young entrepreneurs will present projects in the fields of
  • Digitalisation and security
  • Health and food
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Processes and materials

Meet the speakers, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs at the 70+ booths of the exhibition area.

You can find the detailed programme and registration here.

Digitalisation and security

How will AI change the recruiting of talents? Meet Nico Gorbach from Adecco and Silvia Quarteroni from the Swiss Data Science Center to learn more about this.

The impact of AI on the industry is also the topic of the keynote speech by Dominic Herzog from TX Group.

Further talks:
  • Prof. Verena Zimmermann: Focusing on the Human Factors in Cybersecurity
  • Prof. Fanny Yang: Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Trustworthy Machine Learning
  • Prof. Marc Pollefeys: Computer Vision and Spatial Computing
  • Sebastian Glink: ETH Spin-off CLIMADA Technologies: The Future of Climate Risk and Adaptation

Health and food

Is it possible to recycle disposable medical devices like injectors? Join us at the ETH Zurich Industry Day and listen to Cedric Gysel from Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Stephan Cecil Fox from ETH Feasibility Lab.

Further talks:
  • Prof. Maté Bezdek: Low-Cost Gas Sensors for Environmental Health Monitoring
  • Prof. Katrien De Bock: Muscle Biology in Focus: Advancing Health and Nutrition through Science
  • Prof. Christina Spengler: From Physiological Fatigue to Peak Performance - Technological Implications
  • ETH Pioneer Fellow Nevena Paunovic: Painless Delivery of Injectable Drugs via OctoPatch

Energy and sustainability

Charging electric vehicles faster and more efficiently? Riccardo Tinivella from BRUSA HyPower and Salvatore Race from ETH Zurich will present their solutions for e-mobility.

Further talks:
  • Gianfranco Guidati: Putting Net-zero Scenarios into Practice
  • Prof. Nicolas Noiray: Aircraft Engines Fuelled by Hydrogen
  • Jakub Szczesniak: ETH Spin-off Scandens - Profitable Building Decarbonization at Scale
  • Paul Baade: ETH Spin-off eightinks - A Manufacturing Platform for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Processes and materials

Are manufacturing processes your company’s business? Tobias Rippstein from Huber+Suhner, Remo Gander from Bossard and Jonas Conrad from ETH Zurich / inspire give insight into how they developed a smart assistant for manual assembly.

Further talks:
  • Prof. Christoph Müller: CO2 Capture and Conversion: From Materials to Processes
  • Prof. Edoardo Mazza: Mechanics for Innovation
  • Prof. Dirk Mohr: Using Robotics to Create Big Data for Data-driven Material Modelling
  • ETH Pioneer Fellow Julia A. Carpenter: Apheros - Metal Foams for Thermal Management