KZS Grant to Doc Marta Fadda

The Swiss Academies of arts and sciences has awarded the " Grant Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg (KZS) " to Marta Fadda, a post-doc researcher at USI Institute of Public Health (IPH), to carry out a study on the vulnerabilities brought about by the first lockdown in the life of parents of children under 10 years in Canton Ticino and Zurich. The award consists of a grant of nearly 50,000 CHF granted once a year to young researchers in the field of clinical or public health ethics.

Dr Marta Fadda’s project falls within the field of public health ethics. In particular, it is a qualitative study involving parents of children under 10 years of age living in Ticino and Zurich. It aims to understand how the parents managed the lockdown and, in particular, which vulnerabilities this measure has strengthened or brought about in this specific population. According to Dr Fadda, "the results will have practical implications as provide useful information to the health authorities not only on how parents responded to the first lockdown but also on how to implement a possible second lockdown, and inform this specific part of the population taking into account specific difficulties and encouraging compliance with the recommendations".