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Philosophy - 30.09.2022
Data ethics and what we should demand when entrusting personal information to a deviceá
Conscious digitisation also comes with greater awareness of data processing, as Marta Fadda, a Postdoc researcher and lecturer in the Biomedical Ethics course at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 23.09.2021

Health - Philosophy - 15.07.2020
Ethical recommendations for triage of COVID-19 patients
Ethical recommendations for triage of COVID-19 patients
An international expert group led by Mathias Wirth, Professor of Systematic Theology and Ethics at the University of Bern, has developed recommendations for avoiding triage of COVID-19 patients in extreme situations.

Philosophy - Economics - 01.07.2020
Ethics and AI: an unethical optimization principle
EPFL professor Anthony Davison and co-authors provide a mathematical basis for concerns about ethical implications of AI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly deployed around us and may have large potential benefits. But there are growing concerns about the unethical use of AI. Professor Anthony Davison, who holds the Chair of Statistics at EPFL, and colleagues in the UK, have tackled these questions from a mathematical point of view, focusing on commercial AI that seek to maximize profits.

Philosophy - Environment - 17.01.2020
Ethics guidelines galore for AI - so now what?
Anna Jobin has investigated which ethics guidelines for artificial intelligence already exist, and finds that ethical AI is by no means merely a technical matter.

Physics - Philosophy - 22.08.2019
A good ear for time travel - or how time really ticks
A good ear for time travel - or how time really ticks
Time is a fundamental dimension of human existence and comes in many forms. Using a comparative approach, philosopher and physicist Norman Sieroka looks at what distinguishes them, using time travel and music.

Philosophy - Social Sciences - 18.07.2017
"Don’t rely on your holidays to make you happy"
Travel and happiness have a complicated relationship - even the Stoics were aware of this. An interview with philosopher Michael Hampe on the opportunities and risks that come with travelling.

Computer Science - Philosophy - 25.03.2017
What morals do intelligent machines have and need?
What morals do intelligent machines have and need?
Sometimes it's the questions, rather than the answers, that show how the world is changing. For example, questions about the moral consequences of machines and computers becoming more intelligent.

Economics - Philosophy - 27.11.2009
’’Tackling the crisis with a new world economic ethics’’: experts debate at the Novartis Foundation Symposium in Basel, Switzerland
27. Basel - Novartis Basel, November 27, 2009 - The global financial crisis has brought chaos to economic activities worldwide - new discussions about values and morals are taking place more often and becoming increasingly intense.