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Research Management - 04.07.2024
Horizon Europe: Extended access for researchers in Switzerland
Horizon Europe: Extended access for researchers in Switzerland

Politics - Research Management - 25.06.2024
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin to travel to China with a business and science delegation

Innovation - Research Management - 24.05.2024
First Meeting of the -Switzerland - United States Joint Committee on Science and Technology

Innovation - Politics - 25.04.2024
Switzerland co-chairs OECD Science and Technology Policy Ministerial Meeting

Innovation - 24.04.2024
Innosuisse reaches targets set for 2023

Astronomy / Space - 15.04.2024
International space cooperation: Switzerland signs Artemis Accords

Innovation - Research Management - 15.04.2024
Switzerland-Brazil Joint Committee on Science and Technology meets to discuss bilateral cooperation in research and innovation

Astronomy / Space - 11.04.2024
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin to travel to the USA with a science and business delegation

Research Management - Politics - 10.04.2024
Horizon package: Federal Council to finance transitional measures in 2024

Career - Campus - 27.03.2024
Anna Fontcuberta i Morral appointed as new EPFL president
Anna Fontcuberta i Morral appointed as new EPFL president

Innovation - 20.03.2024
Switzerland and Denmark strengthen relations in higher education, research and innovation

Pedagogy - 11.03.2024
Almost 30% of the population has done no continuing education or training for at least five years

Research Management - Politics - 08.03.2024
Federal Council sets education, research and innovation policy for 2025-2028

Politics - 14.02.2024
Swiss-UK Agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications: Dispatch sent to Parliament

Research Management - 31.01.2024
Fourth meeting of the Swiss-Italian joint committee for scientific cooperation

Innovation - Administration - 24.01.2024
Federal Council elects Anna Valente to the board of Innosuisse
Federal Council elects Anna Valente to the board of Innosuisse

Politics - Research Management - 24.01.2024
Science diplomacy: Switzerland intensifies bilateral cooperation with partner countries in the area of higher education, research and innovation

Career - 23.01.2024
Wide support from employers for continuing education and training in 2021

Event - Administration - 22.01.2024
Swiss Science Prize Marcel Benoist: Nomination procedure launched

Physics - 08.12.2023
Federal Council appoints Christian Rüegg as Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI for a further term of office

Research Management - Politics - 25.10.2023
Horizon package: Confederation funds further transitional measures for mono-beneficiary projects

Research Management - Politics - 11.10.2023
Economic and scientific delegation to visit Morocco

Education - 04.10.2023
Low annual income after obtaining baccalaureate

Research Management - Event - 28.09.2023
State Secretary Hirayama in Japan for a working visit and the inauguration of a new Swissnex location

Life Sciences - Research Management - 07.09.2023
Marcel Benoist 2023 Prize for plant communication
Marcel Benoist 2023 Prize for plant communication
The Marcel Benoist Foundation awards the Prix Marcel Benoist 2023 to Ted Turlings of the University of Neuchâtel "for his outstanding contributions in the fields of chemical ecology and plant-insect interactions".

Politics - 05.09.2023
VPET system takes centre stage in Europe

Research Management - 01.09.2023
Two new multidisciplinary research and innovation projects in the space sector

Innovation - 28.08.2023
Innosuisse launches new call for projects for the Swiss Accelerator

Innovation - 04.07.2023
Switzerland and Spain sign joint declaration on research and innovation

Politics - Research Management - 30.06.2023
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin on economic and science mission to Brazil

Research Management - Innovation - 27.06.2023
Benefit of European cooperation in education, research and innovation undisputed in Brussels

Career - 23.06.2023
Almost half of post-doctoral researchers no longer in Switzerland six years later

Astronomy / Space - 21.06.2023
Euclid to study the evolution of the universe over the last ten billion years: ESA online media invitation, June 23rd 2023

Politics - 14.06.2023
Switzerland and United Kingdom sign agreement on mutual recognition of professional qualifications

Research Management - Innovation - 02.06.2023
Federal Council opens consultation on ERI Dispatch for 2025-2028

Innovation - Health - 24.05.2023
Innovation and health at Swissnex Day '23

Research Management - 24.05.2023
Horizon package: Federal Council to fund further transitional measures for 2023 calls

Politics - Research Management - 16.05.2023
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin to pay working visit to South Korea

Innovation - Research Management - 02.05.2023
Meeting of Joint Swiss-British Committee for Science and Innovation

Innovation - Research Management - 25.04.2023
Swissnex Annual Report 2022: from Quantum to the Pantanal Wetlands

Politics - Research Management - 21.04.2023
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin receives Bulgarian deputy prime minister and minister for education and science

Astronomy / Space - 19.04.2023
Federal Council adopts 2023 Space Policy

Astronomy / Space - Economics - 14.04.2023
ESA’s Juice spacecraft on its way to Jupiter with Swiss expertise

Innovation - Economics - 14.04.2023
Governments of Canada and Switzerland sign joint statement on science, technology and innovation

Innovation - Politics - 06.04.2023
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin on a working visit to Canada

Politics - Research Management - 03.04.2023
State Secretary Martina Hirayama receives delegation from Greenland

Astronomy / Space - 24.03.2023
Two Swiss take on important roles at the European Space Agency ESA

Politics - Innovation - 10.03.2023
Federal Council moves forward with decision to improve planning support for CERN projects
At its meeting on 10 March 2023, the Federal Council decided to launch a consultation on proposed amendments to the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA).

Research Management - 08.03.2023
State Secretary Hirayama opens event on European Cooperation on Open Science

Innovation - Research Management - 01.03.2023
Switzerland and Colombia to strengthen bilateral research and innovation cooperation
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