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Innovation - Economics - 16.03.2022
Switzerland and Canada launch first Cleantech Innovation Summit

Innovation - Research Management - 15.03.2022
Switzerland and Brazil hold talks on research and innovation

Innovation - Research Management - 04.03.2022
Horizon Europe: Federal Council adopts transitional measures for SMEs and start-ups

Social Sciences - 28.02.2022
Social background, length of stay and educational pathway have strong influence on obtaining an upper secondary level qualification

Materials Science - Career - 23.02.2022
Federal Council selects new Empa director and confirms office of ETH Zurich president

Politics - Astronomy / Space - 17.02.2022
State Secretary Martina Hirayama attends European Space Summit in Toulouse

Politics - Astronomy / Space - 16.02.2022
Federal Council to seek participation in Copernicus

Law - Administration - 16.02.2022
Update of Swiss space policy and development of a national legal framework for space activities

Career - 10.02.2022
For 9 in 10 graduates of tertiary education, their job corresponds to their education

Administration - 08.02.2022
Switzerland and the United Kingdom to cooperate more closely in Science, Research and Innovation

Politics - Economics - 07.02.2022
Working visit to Finland and Germany by Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin

Research Management - Administration - 04.02.2022
Meeting of the Joint Swiss-EU Committee for Research and Innovation

Administration - Event - 01.02.2022
Swiss Science Prize Marcel Benoist: the nomination procedure begins

Astronomy / Space - Politics - 26.01.2022
State Secretary Martina Hirayama at the European Space Conference

Astronomy / Space - 17.12.2021
Federal Council approves Swiss membership of the international SKA Observatory

Administration - 17.12.2021
Clear basis established for national space activities

Politics - 16.12.2021
Switzerland attends 8th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting

Administration - Innovation - 10.12.2021
Federal Council intends to increase Swiss support for CERN projects
Switzerland must promote CERN's long-term development potential, particularly in terms of spatial planning, which has prompted the Federal Council to initiate work on a federal sectoral plan focusing on CERN projects.

Social Sciences - 26.11.2021
Switzerland and Vietnam to further deepen relations

Research Management - Administration - 25.11.2021
State Secretary Hirayama attends Science Europe High-Level Workshop on Research Culture in the European Research Area

Social Sciences - Economics - 25.11.2021
Switzerland and Mexico intensify cooperation in the field of VET

Astronomy / Space - Politics - 19.11.2021
ESA Council of Ministers gives boost to European space activities

Research Management - Career - 19.11.2021
Switzerland and the USA reaffirm their collaboration to promote research

Sport - 18.11.2021
Switzerland and the USA to strengthen their vocational education and training cooperation

Administration - Innovation - 12.11.2021
President Guy Parmelin travels to the USA

Administration - Research Management - 20.10.2021
Horizon Package 2021-2027: Federal Council enables direct financing and examines further measures

Innovation - Research Management - 11.10.2021
Switzerland and Austria exchange views on higher education, research and innovation

Research Management - Administration - 17.09.2021
Horizon Europe: Federal Council submits transitional measures to Parliament for non-accessible programme components

Administration - Politics - 14.09.2021
Emirati Minister of Education visits Bern

Innovation - Administration - 25.08.2021
Federal Council seeks to strengthen Switzerland's appeal as a location for startups
The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER was commissioned by the Federal Council to examine Switzerland's startup ecosystem.

Politics - 24.07.2021
Swiss President Guy Parmelin meets Japanese Prime Minister Suga

Event - 21.07.2021
President Parmelin in Japan for high-level talks

Politics - Administration - 20.07.2021
State Secretary Hirayama attends Informal EU Ministerial Meeting on Competition in Research and Innovation

Research Management - Administration - 14.07.2021
Horizon Europe: Switzerland currently with third country status

Research Management - Administration - 28.06.2021
Third meeting of the Italian-Swiss joint committee for cooperation in the area of science

Research Management - Administration - 25.06.2021
Project submissions opened for Horizon Europe

Astronomy / Space - 14.06.2021
State Secretary Hirayama in Portugal to attend Africa-Europe Space Earth Observation High-Level Forum and hold bilateral talks
State Secretary Martina Hirayama participated in the Africa-Europe Space Earth Observation High-Level Forum in Lisbon on 11 and 12 June.

Innovation - Administration - 14.06.2021
President Parmelin in Sweden for bilateral exchange

Astronomy / Space - 04.06.2021
Federal Council wants Switzerland to join the international SKA Observatory

Environment - 10.05.2021
State Secretary Martina Hirayama emphasizes the importance of research at the 3rd Arctic Science Ministerial
State Secretary Martina Hirayama virtually attended the third Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM3) on May 8-9, 2021. At ASM3, science ministers and representatives of Arctic indigenous peoples' organizations came together to strengthen international cooperation in science and research to advance understanding of the Arctic region, and to support the role of science in policy and decision-making in the Arctic.

Politics - 05.05.2021
State Secretary Hirayama at COST Ministerial Conference for 50th anniversary

Administration - Innovation - 08.04.2021
The Swissnex 2020 annual report: 20 years of unexpected encounters

Administration - Career - 25.02.2021
Federal bilateral programmes for cooperation in research and innovation with non-European partner countries 2021-2024

Administration - Event - 09.02.2021
Marcel Benoist Swiss Science Prize: the nomination procedure begins

Politics - 02.02.2021
State Secretary Hirayama at the Horizon Europe launch event and informal EU ministerial meeting

Administration - 18.12.2020
Federal Council mandates a review of the legal framework for space activities

Economics - 20.11.2020
ESA and EU member states underline Europe’s role in the global space economy

Research Management - 27.10.2020
Meeting of the Swiss-EU Joint Committee for Research and Innovation

Innovation - Administration - 15.10.2020
Swissnex Network: two decades of serving Swiss education, research and innovation

Event - Life Sciences - 21.09.2020
Marcel Benoist and Latsis foundations jointly award 2020 Swiss science prizes