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Administration - Politics - 27.08.2020
Milestone in scientific cooperation between Switzerland and South Africa

Politics - 21.07.2020
State Secretary Hirayama at the informal EU ministerial meeting on research and innovation

Health - Administration - 20.07.2020
Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force: adapted mandate and new chair

Administration - 24.06.2020
Federal Council appoints Vice President and new member of ETH Board

- 26.05.2020
One quarter of young people in a more qualified job 5 years after obtaining their federal proficiency certificate

Administration - 20.05.2020
Securing access to research cooperation and funding programmes in Europe

Innovation - 18.05.2020
Best of swissnex 2019: swissnex Network annual report published online

Administration - Health - 31.03.2020
Coronavirus: Confederation appoints scientific advisory board
In the current crisis, the federal government wants to exploit the potential available in the Swiss scientific community to an even greater extent by working with scientists to find the best approach to overcoming the pandemic.

Administration - 30.03.2020
Over 4000 persons in professional education are reimbursed CHF 16.3 million in course costs

Administration - Career - 03.03.2020
Federal bilateral programmes for cooperation in research and innovation with partners beyond Europe meet objectives

Innovation - Administration - 26.02.2020
Federal Council seeks to further strengthen education, research and innovation

Innovation - Administration - 21.02.2020
Evaluation confirms value of swissnex network for Swiss education, research and innovation players

Administration - Innovation - 16.12.2019
Six new National Centres of Competence in Research to boost cutting-edge research in Switzerland

Administration - Politics - 13.12.2019
Federal Council approves report on Switzerland’s international activities in VPET

Innovation - Environment - 11.12.2019
SwissnexDay’19 focuses on space technologies for a sustainable future

Innovation - Event - 10.12.2019
#SwissTech: 12 Swiss start-ups participate at the "New Space Economy Expo" in Rome

Astronomy / Space - Politics - 28.11.2019
ESA Ministerial Council Meeting: Switzerland to participate in new programmes and play a leading role in the removal of space debris
On 27 and 28 November 2019, State Secretary Martina Hirayama attended the European Space Agency's ESA Ministerial Council meeting in Seville ("Space 19+").

Politics - Innovation - 19.11.2019
State Secretary Martina Hirayama travels to Sweden, Denmark and Finland

Politics - Administration - 14.11.2019
Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin meets Chinese Minister of Education

Innovation - 08.11.2019
Swiss research and innovation promotion agencies strengthen collaboration with Brazil under the Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation between the two countries

Innovation - Social Sciences - 24.09.2019
Switzerland and South Africa lay the foundations for stronger cooperation in research and innovation

Innovation - 23.09.2019
Swiss-Austrian high-level meeting to share information and perspectives on higher education, research and innovation

Politics - 19.09.2019
Switzerland and Slovenia stress strong ties and dynamic exchanges

Event - Innovation - 05.09.2019
Nicola Spaldin awarded Swiss Science Prize Marcel Benoist

Social Sciences - Politics - 27.06.2019
Cooperation between Switzerland and Mexico in vocational education and training: positive assessment, encouraging prospects

Health - 17.06.2019
Delegation of Iranian academics visits Switzerland

Innovation - 11.06.2019
#SwissTech: 22 Swiss startups to showcase technology and innovation at Asia’s largest tech expo

Innovation - Administration - 03.06.2019
Swissnex annual report 2018 published

Politics - Astronomy / Space - 28.05.2019
ESA and EU member states highlight the importance of the space sector
The State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation, Martina Hirayama, participated to the 'Space Council' of ESA and EU member states in Brussels today.

Politics - Event - 17.05.2019
Switzerland attends the 7th ASEM Education Ministers’ Meeting

Innovation - 01.05.2019
Switzerland and India agree closer scientific cooperation

Innovation - Career - 25.04.2019
European Innovation Council funding an interesting prospect for Swiss research institutions and businesses

Politics - 02.04.2019
State Secretary Hirayama at an informal EU ministerial meeting on research and innovation

Astronomy / Space - 05.03.2019
European Southern Observatory Committee of Council meets in Switzerland

Administration - Innovation - 21.01.2019
President Ueli Maurer to meet Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan in Zurich

Innovation - 11.12.2018
SwissnexDay’18: blockchain technology in Switzerland and worldwide

Administration - 30.11.2018
Federal Council ratifies the Declaration on the exploitation of European launchers

Career - 16.11.2018
Meeting of the Joint Swiss-EU Committee in the fields of research and innovation

Politics - Event - 15.11.2018
Lars-Erik Cederman awarded Marcel Benoist Swiss Science Prize

Innovation - 02.11.2018
Companies increasingly focusing on product improvement and process optimisation
Bern, 02. It seems to have become more difficult and expensive for companies in Switzerland to invest in developing new, innovative products.

Politics - Administration - 01.11.2018
State Secretary Mauro Dell'Ambrogio pays official visit to Azerbaijan

Innovation - Politics - 25.10.2018
ESA ministerial Council sets the stage for the future
Bern, 25. The State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation Mauro Dell'Ambrogio participated in the ESA's Intermediate Ministerial Meeting in Madrid today.

Innovation - Administration - 24.10.2018
Federal Council appoints Jol Mesot president of the ETH Zurich

Astronomy / Space - 18.10.2018
BepiColombo: mission to Mercury, the innermost planet
BepiColombo: mission to Mercury, the innermost planet

Innovation - 21.09.2018
Launch of National Research Programme on Digital Change

Administration - Career - 20.09.2018
Facts and figures on Switzerland’s participation in the European Framework Programmes for Research
Bern, 20. The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) today published a report on Switzerland's involvement in the eighth European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020; 2014-2020).

Administration - 18.09.2018
State Secretary Dell’Ambrogio pays official visit to Belgium

Politics - Event - 03.09.2018
Marcel Benoist Swiss Science Prize is awarded to Lars-Erik Cederman

Politics - Innovation - 23.08.2018
Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann introduces State Secretary designate

Astronomy / Space - 20.08.2018
ESA Earth Observation Mission: Aeolus measures the wind
Bern, 20. On 21 August 2018, the European Space Agency (ESA) will launch the scientific Earth observation mission Aeolus. The aim of the mission is the global mapping of wind profiles in the atmosphere. These observations, together with information about aerosols and clouds, contribute to an improved understanding of the dynamic processes in the atmosphere and are of great importance for weather forecasting.