Scientists with films in the upcoming Global Science Film Festival!

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Film is a powerful medium to tell stories, communicate information and inspire audiences. At the 5th Global Science Film Festival, global politics and science meet on the big screen, also with contributions from Eawag.

The motto of the 5 Global Science Film Festival is "Reconnecting Science and Society". Started in 2017, the Festival celebrates film as a means of communication in the scientific sphere. Beginning on 31 March 2023, international films on numerous scientific topics will screen at Basel’s Cinema Pathé Küchlin, Zurich’s Film Podium and Lugano’s Cinema Lux Art House.

One film produced by Eawag’s Wings programme team is a short film submission to the Festival. It is: Verhebets? A resource-oriented Apéro - a short animation film about the potential of sustainable resource-oriented urban water management

Two films from the 6 Science Filmmaking Marathon, produced with researchers and scientists from Eawag, are part of the Festival’s "Scientists as Filmmakers" section. They are:

  • Sewing Souls - a short experimental film that encourages people to overcome the fear they have about sharing trauma they have experienced and break the silence
  • Uncovering the Unknown - a short fiction film about how new biodiversity monitoring methods and the efforts of passionate researchers can help us better understand our planet

The dates of the Festival in Zurich are 1 April - 2 April, in the Film Podium. Come celebrate the efforts of Eawag filmmakers and take part in a film festival devoted to science!